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Castle House Plans

Archival Designs' most popular home plans are our castle house plans, featuring starter castle home plans and luxury mansion castle designs ranging in size from just under 3000 square feet to more than 20,000 square feet. Our home castle plans are inspired by the grand castles of Europe from England, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Spain, and include castle designs from the great manor homes, lavish estates, and elegant French chateaux.More than just grand designs, our castle floor plans seamlessly weave together the timeless charm of historical architecture with the modern conveniences of luxury living. The result? Grandeur without compromise, where practicality meets historical character.

Why are Castle Floor Plans Captivating Homebuyers?

Have you ever dreamed of living in a magnificent castle, whispering about brave princesses, lavish parties and secret passageways? Thanks to Archival Designs, those dreams can come true with theirmedieval castle layouts. But beyond romantic appeal, what makes thesecastle rooms so popular?

1. Unforgettable appearances:

Imagine your magnificent castle pulling forward with its steep mansard roof, massive towers and elaborate chimneys. Archival Designs’ designs translate medieval architectural grandeur into contemporary homes guaranteed to turn heads and create lasting impressions.

2. Where Luxury Meets Comfort: 

Stepping inside, you'll be greeted by luxury and practicality. Spacious island kitchen flows seamlessly into the luxurious suites, perfect for entertaining friends and family. Whether you prefer an open-airy dining room or formal spaces for elegant banquets, the plans offer options for each style.

3. Beyond the Main Hall: 

A castle isn't just about grand living. Many plans include in-law suites or separate guest quarters, providing privacy and flexibility for extended stays. For those looking for lifetime accommodation, some models also include the master bedrooms on the ground floor, making them accessible as you age.

4. Outdoor Escapes: 

Imagine relaxing on your porch or balcony and watching your stone fireplace crackle under the night sky. Many plans boast stunning outdoor spaces, perfect for sunbathing or enjoying al fresco dining.

5. A Touch of Customization:

While plans offer a unique starting point, you can tailor it to your needs and desires. The expert team at Archival Designs are happy to guide you through the process, ensuring yoursimple medieval castle floor plans become a reality.

Specialities of Castle Rooms Layout

  • Inspired by cozy Scottish keeps, starter castles offer surprisingly spacious layouts ideal for young families. 
  • Drawing upon the stately elegance of French chateaux, grand estates provide ample room for families to flourish. Picture spacious kitchens where culinary creativity comes alive, large sun-drenched rooms perfect for game nights, and dedicated study areas for focused learning.
  • Luxury mansions, reminiscent of majestic English manors, offer the ultimate opulent living. Envision gourmet kitchens equipped for hosting lavish dinner parties, expansive libraries brimming with knowledge, and private game rooms for spirited entertainment.

❏ Beyond the grand facades, practicality reigns supreme:

  • Spacious kitchens: 

At the heart of every home, our kitchens are designed for easy cooking and nurturing connection. Envision spacious islands perfect for family breakfasts, multiple counters for whip parties, and nearby breakfast spots for intimate gatherings.

  • Open living areas: 

You get open living areas and blur the lines between indoors and outdoors with seamless transitions to decks, patios, and courtyards.

  • Outdoor living spaces: 

Enjoy open-air living space. Extend your space beyond the walls with thoughtfully designed outdoor areas. 

Functionality doesn't compromise grandeur:

We seamlessly integrate historical elements like:

  • Mansard roofs: 

More than just aesthetics, mansard roofs are specialists in optimizing space. Their unique design maximizes ceiling square footage, creating the perfect canvas for additional bedrooms, entertainment areas, or home offices.

  • Turrets: 

Adding a touch of sophistication, our castle home plans offer turrets that can have spiral staircases, reading areas, or even small guest rooms.

  • Stone finishes: 

Ourmedival castle floor plans embrace the timeless charm and inherent efficiency of stone finishes. The natural warmth of stone isn't just aesthetically pleasing; It provides exceptional insulation, energy efficiency and year-round comfort within the walls of your castle.

Ourcastle room layout is more than just a dreamy aesthetic; They are practical accommodations designed for modern living. Focusing on functionality and a bit of historical interest, we invite you to find the castle that perfectly supports the biggest story of your life.

Contact Archival Designs to make any one of these medieval castle blueprints your own by modifying them to your liking!


1. What castle styles do your plans represent?

From the stunning beaches of Ireland to the sun-drenched hills of Tuscany, our castle designs capture the essence of the diverse European styles.

2. Can these plans be customized?

Yes, contact Archival Designs to discuss customization options. We offer free customization quotes within 24-48 hours. 

3. What historical elements are included in your plans?

Our castle house plans incorporate signature features such as stunning Mansard roofs, elegant turrets and exquisite stone finishes, each speaking to the rich architectural heritage of Europe.

4. Are your plans designed for modern living?

Yes, offering functionality alongside historical charm.

5. What features do your starter castle plans offer? 

Our mansion design includes a rich layout, reading nooks in the tower, game kitchens and open living spaces.

6. What are the benefits of your castle room layout?

You will find spacious kitchens, large sun-drenched rooms and dedicated study areas.

7. What amenities do your luxury mansion plans include? 

Our mansion layout offers gourmet kitchens, spacious libraries and private game rooms.

8. Do your plans include open spaces?

Yes, many seamlessly transition from deck to patio.

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