Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee our prices are the lowest, or we’ll match our competitor’s advertised prices and give you an additional 10% off matched price. To take advantage of our Best Price Guaranteeplease give us a call at (888) 890-2353 or use our contact form to send a link to the product’s listing on a competitor's website.

The following limitations apply:

  • The house plan must be identical (i.e. specifications, file format, plan options)
  • The house plan must be sold and fulfilled by a verified and allowed retailer (contact us for a complete list of approved sellers)
  • Additional discounts or promotions from Archival Designs cannot be used on price-matched orders.
  • Price match requests must be made before purchasing the house plan on our website

Sorry, we do not match:

  • House plans purchased from that later decreased in price
  • Free shipping offers
  • Quotes for custom modification services
  • Price errors

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