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Queen Elizabeth II's Balmoral: how it inspired Archival Designs

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Queen Elizabeth II's Balmoral: how it inspired Archival Designs

The Balmoral estate in the Scottish Highlands was Queen Elizabeth II's most beloved property; a home where she could enjoy breathtaking views and a more casual lifestyle with her family. The royal family traditionally spent many summers and holidays there enjoying downtime, horse riding, picnicking, and walking in the beautiful garden. As we remember her majesty, it is comforting to think she enjoyed her final days in her favorite place.

The Balmoral estate was late designer David Marc Loftus' favorite piece of architecture. Inspiration for the Balmoral Castle house plan came to David through the study of the Scottish baronial and Gothic revivial style. We welcome you to explore Archival Designs' take on the stunning Balmoral estate on our website, or view a flyby of the Balmoral under construction.


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Structural Credit:
Company: D'Angelo Design Studio, LLC / Florida and Tennessee
Name: Jerry D'Angelo
Contact: (239) 340-6186 / dsuit@aol.com
Residential designs, planning, consulting, production drawings.

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