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What Is In a Set of House Plans?

Plan packages may vary from design to design and may contain different details.  We strongly recommend that you contact us for a detailed list of contents for the plan you're interested in before purchasing.

Below is a typical example of what is included in our construction plans:

Cover Sheet

cover sheet of a set of house plans

The cover sheet features an elevation of the home, sheet number index for the plan, and contact information.


foundation sheet of a set of house plans

These drawings will detail and illustrate the foundation of the home, exterior and interior footings to support the floors and structure above. If a basement is purchased, it will show the stairs, bearing walls, and basement windows and doors.

First Floor Plan

average floor plan of a set of plans for a house

This page is drawn to ¼”=1’-0” scale and includes exterior dimensions to build the home. The notes are precise directions for your builder. Important features such as built-ins, niches, and appliances are noted. Doors and windows are identified and specific sizing can be found on window and door schedules. *Framing is not included.

Second Floor Plan

second floor sheet of a set of house plans

The second floor includes stair details. Often the reflective roof detail is shown legibly over the second floor plan. This is helpful for the framing contractor. *Framing is not included.

Lighting and Electrical

electrical sheet of a set of house plans

On this sheet you have a schematic of the lights, electrical plugs, phone location, and code items such as smoke detectors. It is common place to build with your builder and/or electrician before the work starts to review this plan. Careful planning can make your home special and convenient for your family.

Front and Rear Elevations

front and rear elevation sheet of a set of house plans

The front and rear elevations may be on separate pages depending on the size of the house. This page comes with exterior dimensions and notes required to complete construction. This is where the windows, doors, and interior trim details are illustrated, as well as wall heights, roof pitches and ridge heights.

Right and Left Elevations

right & left elevation sheet of a set of house plans

The right and left elevations provide the same details as the front and rear elevations.

Roof Plan

roof plan sheet of a set of house plans

This drawing, usually at ¼”=1’-0” scale, will be a bird’s eye view of the home. It will show the ridges, hips, and valleys. This page will show a beautifully designed roof. *Framing is not included.


cross section sheet of a set of house plans

Sections are used to further describe any architectural intent necessary for the builder or framer. This drawing will illustrate important changes in the floor, ceiling, and roof heights.

Cabinet Elevations*

cabinet elevations sheet of a set of house plans

Cabinet elevations are provided with your plans, and like the electrical plan, they are mainly a guide for estimating purposes. Cabinets are an area that is easy to customize and your builder or cabinet maker will work with you early on in the process to ensure that the correct cabinets are specified. Archival Designs believes cabinets should reflect your taste and budget. After framing and sheet rock installation sizes of walls may change slightly. The cabinet maker must take as built measurements to properly size your cabinets. **NOTE: The majority of house plans will include cabinet elevations in construction set; however, not all will include.

General Notes

general notes sheet of a set of house plans

Separate sheets that provide standard building codes per the International Residential Code (IRC). Provided as a courtesy only.

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