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Barndominium House Plans

Barndominium homes often known as barndo or barn-style homes are inspired by traditional barns.  Our barndominium house plans blend rustic charm with modern convenience. Inspired by traditional barns, these luxury floor plans offer versatile living with open layouts and high ceilings. Their durable exteriors withstand time, while contemporary finishes create a cozy, bright interior.

Experience the best of country living with elegance in our barndominium house plans. 

Features that differentiate Barndominium Floor Plans

  • Open floor plans

Open floor plans are a key feature of a barndominium house plan, giving homeowners the flexibility in how they use and define their living space. 

  • Use of metal

Often barndominium homes are constructed using sheet metal siding and a steel frame.  Steel has the advantage of durability, strength, resistance to weather conditions etc. One can find steel used in siding and roofing of barndominiums owing to its low maintenance and weather resistance capabilities. However, many barndominium house plans feature wood and it comes down to individual preference ultimately. 

  • Large windows

Apart from the aesthetic appeal of large windows, they also provide ample natural light. Since barndominiums are built in rural or scenic locations, large windows offer a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape whether it is hills, forests or pastures. 

  • High ceilings

Many barndominiums house plans feature high ceilings to resemble a barn’s interior.  Ceilings often as high as 18 feet are not uncommon inbarndominium plans. Barn-style homes are also well-known for their vaulted, covered ceilings. 

  • Exposed beams

Exposed beams have the advantage of creating an excellent accent piece in the design. They further accentuate the rustic charm of a barndominium.

  • Gambrel Roofs

Gambrel roofs feature two slopes on each side where the upper slope is at a shallower angle than the lower one. This is a distinct feature of traditional barns and is marked by its unique curved profile. Modern barndominium homes also feature gambrel roofs. However, the advantage is not only in the aesthetics. These types of roofs afford increased attic space, providing more room near the eaves. Moreover, the rustic look of the gambrel roof adds character to the exterior.

  • Wraparound Porches

One feature that makes barndominium house plans stand out is the wraparound and extended porches. Typically, an extended porch wraps around two sides of the barndominium. This offers ample outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment while promoting a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. Additionally, the porches increase the usability of the barndominium, often becoming the hub for social gatherings.

Types of Barndominium House Plans 

One story barndominium plans

As the name indicates, these types of barndominiums feature asingle level of living space. These plans are ideal for those who want easy accessibility and convenience in their barn style homes and prefer to avoid stairs.

Two-story barndominium plans 

Featuring two storeys of living space, the advantage of this style is that it offers a separation between the public and personal areas. These types of plans can be more versatile and offer a larger footprint on smaller lots.

L-Shaped or U-Shaped Barndominium

The courtyard or the patio takes center-stage in this design as the house wraps around the central area. Apart from creating a sheltered outdoor area for entertainment, this design also enhances privacy. 

Luxury Barndominium 

Luxury barndominiums feature high-end finishes, upscale amenities and roomy layouts. They may also include features like gourmet kitchens, luxurious bedrooms, home theaters, outdoor kitchens etc. These are ultra-modern homes that combine the design elements of barndominiums with contemporary comforts and luxuries.

Barndominiums with a garage

Many barndominium plans include a garage or a workshop space in the living quarters. This layout is ideal for anyone who needs more storage for vehicles, equipment or hobbies.  It is also common to find barndominiums with an RV garage space.


1. What defines a barndominium?
1. What defines a barndominium?
2. What features are distinctive of barndominium designs?
2. What features are distinctive of barndominium designs?
3. How can you build an energy-efficient barndominium?
3. How can you build an energy-efficient barndominium?
4. What are the advantages of a barndo house plan?
4. What are the advantages of a barndo house plan?

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