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Ranch House Plans

Ranch homes are a popular choice for first-time home buyers and retired families alike. Originally based on Spanish colonial architecture in Southwest America, ranch-style house plans make efficient use of space by offering layouts featuring the same amount of living area as a traditional two-story home plan. Ranch house plans often include comfortable features, benefits, and an extensive range of square footage. Elements found in Archival Designs' ranches are living areas separated from the bedrooms and open floor plans. This style is built on a slab but can also incorporate a basement foundation, which will allow your ranch house plan to be expandable for the future.

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The Enduring Appeal of Ranch Style House Plans

In a ranch style home, simplicity rules. It's all about straightforward design and a spacious layout. You'll find many bedrooms and often a basement that can be used for extra living space. These homes usually have just one floor, shaped like a rectangle, though some might be shaped like a "U" or "L".

Ranch houses usually have big windows all around the outside. Different materials like brick or siding are used in making Ranch style house plans. They often have a particularly low-sloping roof and glass doors that slide open to a lovely patio. And lots of them even have a garage built onto the house.

Ranch house floor plans have an open layout that blends indoor and outdoor spaces. You can quickly get to the yard, garden, or play areas. They usually only have a few stairs, just a few. Because they have one floor and a low-sloping roof, they're great for people who want easy-to-care-for exteriors. This simplifies many activities like cleaning gutters and caring for the outside space. 

Different types of Ranch House Plans

Despite having many similar architectural features, modern ranch house plans can be found in various designs. Different ranch house styles may appear when you look for a new residence.

California Ranch: 

The California Ranch style, which started in the 1920s, took cues from Spanish architecture. This is the original model for ranch houses. It's a lot like suburban ranch homes in many ways.

Suburban Ranch: 

Suburban Ranch houses became popular during World War II. They were easy to build, had straightforward designs, and open layouts. Some houses were made with concrete panels. 

Raised Ranch homes:  

Raised Ranch homes, split-entry level homes, typically have two floors. When you enter, a staircase usually leads to the main living areas. The garage and basement are downstairs. 

Split-level ranches: 

Split-level ranches, like raised ranches, have three levels. The main living spaces, like the kitchen and living room, are in the middle. This style has a basement below, bedrooms, and additional living areas above. 

StoryBook Ranch:  

StoryBook Ranch homes have combined features from California Ranch and Suburban Ranch styles. This style house plan has thatch roofing, gable roofs, and brick chimneys. Combining elements from both styles offers a unique look to this style house. 


1. What are the typical characteristics of ranch-style house plans?
Ranch style house plans usually have one-level and open layouts. They often have classic designs with low roofs that slope gently. They are wide and spread horizontally, creating a relaxed, easygoing living space.
2. What are the exterior features of a modern ranch house plan?
  • Typically one-story or sometimes built on a raised foundation.
  • Have open, simple layouts.
  • Feature roofs with a gentle slope, either gable or hipped.
  • It is often shaped in an L or U layout but could be more perfectly symmetrical.
  • Include outdoor spaces like patios that blend well with indoor areas.
  • Use different materials like stucco, brick, wood, and stone for a mix of textures.
3. What are the interior features of a ranch style house?
  • These homes typically have 3-4 bedrooms.
  • They have simple layouts with utility spaces.
  • The attached garages are standard.
  • Living areas are separate from bedrooms, often with a long hallway.
  • High ceilings give a spacious feel.
  • Large windows let in plenty of natural light.
  • Extra features may include a butler's pantry or home office.
4. Do ranch-style houses work well for families?
Ranch style house plans work well for families. The open layouts help families bond, and having everything on one floor makes it easy for everyone to get around.

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