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French and European Country House Plans

Archival Designs’ European & French Country house plans are inspired by the splendor of the Old World rustic manors found in the rural French country side. These luxury house plan styles include formal estate-like chateaus and simple farm houses with Craftsman details. Available in Ranch and traditional two-story layouts, the basic characteristics are a combination of brick, stone and stucco exteriors, steep hip roofs often with curved bottom edges, arches, balconies, and wood accents. Combining these historic details with contemporary floor layouts, Archival Designs has amassed a unique collection of French and European house plans for our clients to choose from and customize.

If you have questions about our available French and European house plans or our modification process, feel free to contact us today.

Exterior Features of French Country House Plans: 

Balanced facade with matching features on both sides: 

A balanced façade with the same quality on both sides of the entrance is a peculiar feature of house design in the French country home plans. The precise placement of windows and doors gives even the smallest living spaces a sense of design of structure and structure, creating a sense of grandeur reminiscent of an elegant castle.

Steeply pitched roofs with multiple slopes: 

Multiple sloping areas and pitched roofs are standard features of French countryside floor plans. These roofs generally have four sloping sides at the ridge's top. These patterns make the house feel more extensive and better protect the outside from rain and snow. Also, the elevated slope provides plenty of roof space.

Using natural resources such as brick, stone, and wood:

Natural materials such as wood, stone, brick, and stucco are commonly used in French country floor plans and exterior design. Stucco provides softness and elegance, while stone offers the appearance of durability and eternal beauty. The brick adds some color and warmth to the façade. These elements mix into the natural environment with age.

Landscaping that complements the house's style:

A beautiful country garden enhances a French country house in many ways. This creates an attractive and inviting outdoor space that perfectly blends with the home's natural surroundings; this garden often includes a variety of flowers, vegetables, herbs and climbing vines. The veggies and spices provide a touch of practicality, and the flowers add vivid pops of color.

Interior Features of French Country House Plan

Plaster and Exposed Structural Elements:

Interior features, such as rough-hewn wood, create a rustic charm and a sense of space in the room. They have a rustic charm that reminds us of the times when the parts of the building were revealed.

Natural elements are incorporated into stone walls or fireplaces, matching the home's exterior. Stone fireplaces are often included as a focal point in French countryside kitchens and living spaces, creating a lasting and comforting atmosphere.

Plaster walls are an excellent addition that provides a smooth and neutral background ideal for displaying quilts, artwork, and other decorative items.

Neutral Color Palette:

Cream, beige and taupe are neutral tones commonly used in French country house design. These warm and welcoming colors make the atmosphere look cozy and casual.

Use furnishings like throw cushions, carpets, and artwork to give pops of color and make the space lifeless. This provides the decor with a warm vibe and adds color and individuality.

Balanced and Formal Floor Plan:

French interior design favors harmonious elements to create a sense of beauty and harmony. For example, a fireplace or other focal point is often surrounded by furniture in living rooms, enhancing the overall impression of balance.

However, symmetry does not mean immutability. The perfect layout and warmth create a French country house that invites visitors to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

A mix of Worn and Elegant Touches:

In the European French country, house plans, furnishings, and finishes often meet elegance and sophistication. Even if some pieces show their age, they are still beautiful and well-made, giving you the feeling that the house has a history and a sense that it is comfortable and livable.

Think wrought iron with an old patina or antique furniture with minor nicks and scratches. It's all about good manners and making good choices.

These elements can create an inviting and welcoming blend of elegant yet elegant French country furniture.


1. What is French Country style?
The French Country style house plan is also called the French Provincial. It captures the essence of cozy French countryside dwellings. This style house mixes rustic elements with touches of elegance to craft a warm and inviting atmosphere.
2. What are the key features of the French Country style?
Critical features of the French Country style include:
  • Exposed beams, stone, and plaster walls 
  • Neutral color palette with accents of color 
  • Symmetrical layout 
  • Distressed yet elegant furniture and finishes 
3. Is French Country style the same as farmhouse or rustic?
French country style,farmhouses, andrustic style have a few characteristics but exhibit a more sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. It combines classic French design styles, such as wrought iron accents and toile prints.

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