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One Story House Plans

One-story house plans from Archival Designs offer a range of customizable options to fulfil your style & needs. These single story plans provide accessibility and are ideal for families with young children or for individuals. Whether you are in the market for a cozy country home, a trendy New American house, or a grand and luxurious estate, we have a variety of 1 story house plans to fit your unique style and preferences.

Features of Single Story House Floor Plans

Our floor designs are created with every inch of space in mind, allowing smooth transitions between rooms and maximizing space. The allure of one story house designs is that they provide a safe and convenient option for stairs. Many of these unique homes include cozy porches or lounges that bring the outside in for fresh air, with an emphasis on outdoor living. 

We offer a selection of houses that suit different tastes and make accessible living spaces available to everyone, from spacious places to comfortable one story house layouts. 1 story house plans are popular in many architectural styles, including Conventional,Mediterranean,Southwestern,Cottage,Craftsman,Ranch, andCape.

Below are the characteristics of Single story floor plans:

1 Story house Plans with Open Floor Plans

The one story house floor plans prioritize open layouts, flawlessly connecting rooms without the interruption of stairs. 

Single Story House Plans have Large Footprint

These homes usually have a large footprint that allows the whole living space to be on a single level.

There is Ease of Access in House Plans with Single Story

One story house designs, which do not have stairs, are more accessible and suitable for people who are going to age in place or have limited mobility.

Blending with Nature

Many one story house plans include patios, decks, or courtyards to promote an easy transition from indoor to outside living areas.

Why choose One story house floor plans? 

Single story home designs have been popular since the 1950s and have recently seen a rise in popularity. One story house plans come in various sizes and designs, from simple cottages to lavish estates.Also, these style house plans have several benefits to offer, which are listed below:

Comfort and Convenience 

You can enjoy the convenience of having access to every living area on one level in a large, open floor plan. Without any walls separating them, this house's living room, dining room, and kitchen flow together effortlessly. You can effortlessly transition between preparing and dining and mingling with guests, allowing you to remain engaged in conversations and attentive to them throughout.

Flexibility in Design

Single story house floor plans offer more architectural flexibility than two-story homes, which may have restrictions like lower ceilings and fewer windows. Adding features like vaulted ceilings, skylights, and tall windows may help give a house story one plan with an air of spaciousness and openness to the inside. 

Furthermore, you can easily add a deck or sun porch to a single-story home, which adds extra living space and smoothly links you to the outside. Although possible for atwo story house, the complex structural analyses needed for this kind of extension might present difficulties and add expenses.

Enhance energy efficiency

By providing efficient heat dispersion, single story home designs frequently prioritize energy efficiency. Usually, these floor plans have a typical area in the middle, surrounded by bedrooms and other places. This arrangement effectively keeps the whole house warm. However, it might be challenging to comprehend every facet of energy efficiency. For comprehensive knowledge of heating and cooling systems, it is essential to consult with your designer.

One story house floor plans have several advantages, which we strive to include in our house designs. You can enhance your everyday life; our designs strongly emphasize large living spaces, abundant natural light, and a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. We aim to provide houses that are aesthetically pleasing and suitable for contemporary living, regardless of your preference for a compact single-story design or a larger one with an open floor plan.


1. What is a single story house plan?
Single story house plans are the most popular floor plans. These typically include all of the living space on one floor. These single story house plans come in different architectural styles, shapes and sizes.
2. What are the benefits of one story house floor plans?
These style floor plans offer various benefits, are easily accessible, and come in flexible design. A single story house plan is easy to maintain, as there are no stairs to climb.
3. Are Ranch House plans and one-story house plans the same?
Yes, all ranch style houses are single story. However, many single story house plans also fit ranch style houses. Modern ranch style houses today feature separated bedrooms and complex floor layouts, showcasing the style's versatility.
4. Are single story home designs more budget-friendly than two-story house plans?
Not necessarily. Whether a single story house plan is more costly than a two-story house plan depends on various factors such as location, materials used and the design layout.

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