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New American House Plans

Explore our American house Plans, where rural charm meets modern living. With versatile layouts, spacious areas, and a seamless blend of tradition and innovation, these luxury floor plans provide the perfect canvas for your dream home. Embrace nature and community in homes designed to offer contemporary country living at its finest. Contact us today to discover your ideal country home.

Features of New American House Plans

Large asymmetrical structures

While there is no specific look or style that defines New Country homes, many of these homes feature a massive, two-story asymmetrical facade. Since the New American style borrows from multiple styles, there is often a use of mixed materials.

Open plan

American house plans feature open floor plans that connect the kitchen, dining, and living areas, creating a sense of fluidity. 

Massive windows

One characteristic of an American House Plan is large windows that allow for an abundance of natural light.

Cathedral ceilings

The New American style is often about an elaborate look or aesthetic appeal. One design element that is popular is massive interior rooms with cathedral ceilings. 

Unique Exteriors

The exterior of anAmerican Style house combines architectural elements from different eras and styles like Colonial, Craftsman, Victorian etc. creating a distinctive visual appeal. You will also find gabled roofs in New Country house plans. 

Modern Kitchens

New American homes feature modern kitchens with the latest amenities like islands, extra counter space and state-of-the-art gadgets. 

Multifunctional spaces

The beauty of these house plans is that they include flexible spaces that can double up for versatile use like home offices, guest rooms and playrooms.

Benefits of New American House Floor Plans

Engaging atmosphere 

The open-concept layout of the New American home promotes a more inclusive and engaging atmosphere. The abundance of natural light in the interiors makes the home more appealing and inviting. 

A refreshing look

The New American style is all about warmth, abundance and openness. As such it borrows elements from many architectural styles to create a unique yet refreshing look. 

Indoor-Outdoor living 

The American House floor plan allows for an uninterrupted flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces and also includes large windows, patios, and sliding glass doors to facilitate a sense of oneness.
Comfort and convenience 

Whether the facade is traditional or modern, New American Home interiors have the best of technology and design, ensuring the comfort of the occupants. 


Another benefit of these house plans is the luxurious master bedrooms that include walk-in closets, spa-like bathrooms etc. taking the experience to the next level.

Types of American Home  Plans 

Colonial Style

Colonial-style New American House plans feature symmetrical facades, formal entryways, and shuttered windows to offer a classic exterior and modern interior.

Modern Farmhouse 

Modern farmhouse plan combines the rustic elements of a traditional farmhouse with contemporary design elements including large porches, metal roofs, and open interiors.

Craftsman Style 

Craftsman home design features low-pitched gabled roofs, porches, and intricate woodwork to emphasize craftsmanship and natural materials. The interiors are modern and aligned with the New American House Plan.

Ranch Style 

The ranch style plan is a single story house with an open floor plan, an attached garage, and a focus on easy indoor-outdoor living.

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Why are open floor plans preferred in New American homes?
The open concept plan fosters a sense of space, facilitates easy interaction and movement and allows for versatile use of interiors, making it ideal for modern living.
What is the New American architectural style?
The New American architectural style does not refer to a specific architectural style. New American homes represent affluence and expansiveness, and often blend elements from many styles to create a unique look.
Can New American house plans be customized?
We can customize your New American House plan to suit individual needs and preferences.

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