Tres Le Fleur House Plan

It took almost a year to pick a plan. Since my husband and I retired a few years ago we wanted this last house had to have everything we wanted and needed. The kitchen is my favorite part of the house. I can see what’s happening in my neighborhood through my kitchen window and watch my husband garden in the back yard. Our children think we made a smart decision when we picked this house for our senior years.

- Elaine Smithson
Pierre, South Dakota

Pontarion II House Plan

We’ve had an amazing experience with our new home and are excited to be moved in. The customer service we received during our modifications was exceptional. We are loving the open layout of the kitchen and family room. It feels spacious and I’m already planning on hosting holiday dinners at home. We recommend Archival Designs to anyone interested in building the home they’ve always wanted!

- Sandra Hawkins
Montgomery, AL

Westover House Plan

JoAnne and the entire staff was extremely helpful and patient with us while we decided between 2 homes. This home has outstanding curb appeal and a great layout perfect for us. I work from home so having the home office off the foyer is fantastic. I converted the wet bar into a storage closet for my office. We also extended the laundry room into the porch and created a multipurpose laundry/mud room. I would buy from archival designs again and again.

- Rita Long
Milwaukee, WI

Stone Pond House Plan

Saw the Stone Pond house plan and knew I wanted to live in it. The process was quick and easy received great customer service and house plans were delivered quickly through my email. Thanks again for your help.

- Jennifer Malone
Owensboro, KN

Laurel House Plan

This is our first time building a home and we are expecting a new arrival to our family. The Laurel house plan peaked our interest because it was able to grow with our family. The plans are detailed and easy to understand per the builder. Even though we had to get a little help from my parents to finish their in-law suite on the 2nd floor, the house is almost done! We look forward to spending a good portion of our lives in this house and my parents look forward to having a home away from home.

- Sharon Young
Little Rock, AR

Fairlight House Plan

Archival Designs offered a few plans that were similar in layout. JoAnne helped us choose the Fairlight because it matched our needs closer than any other house plan. We decided to have our builder make a few changes which we love. Looking back, building was easier than we thought.

- Overton Single
Guymon, OK

Kildare Place House Plan

We absolutely adore the Kildare Place house plan. Made some modifications to make this home ours! Our house is the talk of the neighborhood. We host big parties every holiday and still get compliments from our friends and family. We searched for months and looked through hundreds of floor plans and this one had almost everything we wanted, and with the help of the great staff at Archival Designs we got exactly what we wanted!

- Nick Lazzari
Bakersfeild, CA

Hennessey House Plan

This floor plan is the closest thing we’ve found to perfection. We worked with Ana to make a few changes to fit our needs. We added a bedroom above the dining room and extended our master bedroom to include a sitting area. The entire modification process was quick and easy. We are getting ready to begin construction and can’t wait to enjoy our home!

- Thomas Garner
Charleston, SC

Pepperwood House Plan

Living in the city had begun to be too much for our family, and as my mother got older she was not able to live by herself anymore. After convincing my mother to move in with us, we realized that our old home just wouldn’t cut it. So we sought out a house that our whole family would be comfortable in. When I saw the floor plan of the Pepperwood house, I knew I had found the answers to our prayers right on the Archival Designs website. My mother was floored to find out that she would have her own little apartment in the house, and instantly gave the money she received from selling her old home to us to build our new home. We are so thankful that the staff at Archival Designs understood our needs and helped us with minor tweaks to make this house perfect for us. Now, our family is enjoying the perks of having a live in Grandma!

- Lisa Sanders
Hartford, CT

Marymount House Plan

We loved the Marymount house plan, but it took us weeks to make up our minds on which modifications we wanted. The staff at Archival Designs was so patient and understood that it took my husband and I some time to agree on the important decisions. The construction plans were quickly altered and they came back from the modification department just like we wanted. Now that we have been approved for a low interest rate mortgage, we are excited to start construction and hope to be in by this Christmas. So far it looks like all blue skies.

- Kyle Moorison
Chatanooga, TN

Salem House Plan

My wife and I still cannot believe that we live in the dream house we talked about in our college days. When purchasing the Salem house plan we were a little nervous about the whole process, but JoAnne ensured us that this will be the best decision of our lives, and it was! We truly enjoy the looks on our guest’s faces when they are welcomed to our house by our floating grand staircase. Even if you do not buy a luxury house plan, like ours, I am pretty sure Archival Designs has exactly what you need. I’d recommend them to any one!

- Ryan Simpson
Atlanta, GA

Blanchard House Plan

After hopelessly looking for a house plan that was perfect for my family and giving up, I was briefly searching the internet one day and I just happened to come across Archival Designs house plans. That is when I saw the Balnchard house plan that was absolutely perfect. It is actually the only plan that I had ever seen that I didn’t have to make changes on.

- Kaitie Summerton
Mason City, IA

Presente House Plan

My Husband and I bought the Presente plans as a present to ourselves for our 5th wedding anniversary. We are genuinely in love with the open floor layout between the kitchen and the great room! It gives us optimal room for our guest when we throw a get together. In the future we plan on finishing our basement so we can have more space to entertain our loved ones.

- Patricia Donald
Wichita, Kansas

Avenues House Plan

Choosing the Avenues House plan was easy. We are glad that we chose to work with Archival Designs instead of any other architectural design firm. We were so impressed with the amount of details included with the design blue prints, it made our truss companies jobs easier. We love the design inside and out and can't wait to finally live in our dream home!

- Andre’ Hamilton
Virginia Beach, VA

Harthaven Place House Plan

We had looked at many home plans from different companies, but found the one that we could not live without at Archival Designs. When I called to ask to buy the Harthaven house plans, JoAnne was very helpful and gave us plentiful insight on the planning and building stages. She suggested that we only purchase the Study set of plans to start, because we were unsure of the process of getting the building permits or if the Harthaven would even be the right fit for our lot. She was so right! It turned out that our lot setbacks wouldn’t allow the house to be built as is. After talking to JoAnne and the modification department, we decided to flip the garage doors to the front so our dream home could fit within the lot guidelines. The modification process was quick and painless, and now we love our new home! Archival Designs customer service is the best!

- Gloria Kolwalsk
Buffalo, NY

Kylemore House Plan

David Loftus designed the Kylemore for our family. He was very in tune with our need of a large kitchen and multiple bedrooms for our family. It was important to him and his staff that we were more than satisfied with this design and that we could enjoy this house for many generations. We have now had this house for years and all of our family loves it. We could never see ourselves anywhere else but here! David Loftus and the Archival Designs team truly made a home where our hearts will reside forever

Fairhope House Plan

I am enjoying the airy openness of the Fairhope ranch house plan. The rooms throughout are a good size, especially the master suite. It is such a pleasure to have all the rooms on one level. I converted the dining room into an office, and the keeping room into a casual/formal dining room. The bonus room above the garage is finished with a full bath and serves as a man-cave. I have purchased two home plans from Archival Designs, and have sold one at a good profit and will eventually sell this one. Our government offers an excellent way to save tax dollars. When a homeowner lives in their home for more than 2 years the profit made, up to $250,000, is not taxed by capital gains as long as it is reinvested in another home. Archival Designs’ customer service has been outstanding and consistent throughout my experience. I will buy my next home from them too.

- Tom Bray
Cincinnati, OH

La Vogue House Plan

After raising 5 kids, and 2 still at home my wife and I were ready to invest in our future and build our retirement home. The designer ensured us that the 2nd master could be versatile especially for our growing family. We’ve used this room for our personal use, and even for some extended stays by our children and grandkids. We highly recommend this home.

- Harold Turner
Huntsville, AL

Big Canoe House Plan

Excellent customer service and fast delivery! We received our plans the same day we placed our order. We had many questions about what was included and Barenda clarified everything for my husband and I. I am happy to say we are under construction and hope to move in within the next couple of months. We can’t wait to enjoy our lake views from every corner of the house!

- Gregory Ferrando
Knoxville, TN

Lady Rose House Plan

Always impressed by many house designs on line, but felt that none would fit our life style. My wife and I decided that we would utilize the amazing modification service Archival Designs had to offer, since our close friend had used them in the past. As soon as we decided to a house to modify, their newest work of art was shining bright on the home screen. The Lady Rose was everything we wanted and didn’t even need to make any changes. It’s amazing curb appeal will stand out among the rest of the neighborhoods cookie cutter homes. We can see ourselves enjoying and growing in this home for years to come!

- Nadine Wilkerson
Sandy Springs, GA

Hennessey House Plan

Your quick, exceptional help took us by surprise. It is rare during these times to find such great service. You are helping us realize our dream...building a fabulous and elegantly designed home.

- Borg Family

Salem House Plan

My wife and I purchased the Salem house plan. We chose from Archival Designs portfolio of luxury plans due to their originality! Plans like these are seldom found in a world of cookie cutter houses. We loved the Salem plan, but needed to address our personal needs by making our own modifications. The marvelous foundation for creativity, in addition to our ideas make our new home a "work of art"!

- Kevin Synnestvedt

Di Medici House Plan

You have been WONDERFUL to work with and deserve major recognition!! As an Operations Director of a large company who oversees several departments, I have very high expectations of the services I receive and you have exceeded them all! Your employer is lucky to have you as you are hard find in today’s economy!! You are a GREAT representation of the skills and professionalism of AD!!

- D. Lohan

Tres Le Fleur House Plan

My husband Will and I are so pleased with the work archival designs has done for our new mountain home. It was amazing how they were able to take our ideas and turn it into such a creative and functional design. Not only are we happy with the beautiful design of the Tres Le Fleur , but the floor plan was exactly what my family and I needed! The designers were able to suggest design ideas our family needed, but had not come up with. We are so proud of our new house, and get compliments from neighbors when they come by our building site. It looks luxurious and the quality is top notch. The decision for choosing the right design firm is so important and words can’t describe how lucky we feel having worked with such professionals.

– Alissa Burton

Laurel House Plan

From the beginning, Jim and Robert at Archival Designs showed they were flexible, understanding, and had a willingness to listen to our needs. They didn’t just help us design a house…but a home for my family.

– Kimberly Peters

Pontarion II House Plan

We absolutely love our new luxury home plan! Jim did an amazing job with the Pontarion II floor plan and we couldn’t be happier with our experience.

– Jan Floer

Vinius House Plan

We came to Archival Designs thanks to my friend’s recommendation and were so pleased to see their beautiful portfolio. This firm offers a large collection of elegant homes in all sizes which was important for my family of 5 to pick and choose favorite parts from them. The staff is creative, professional, easy to talk to, and a pleasure to work with.

- Elizabeth Kennedy

Kildare Castle House Plan

Archival Designs’ standards for quality are high. My wife Carol and I were happy to receive our full construction set and had no problem taking our house from paper to reality!

– Michael Hurdt

Tres Le Fleur House Plan

We were very pleased. Robert completed our modifications in a timely manner, and meticulous attention was paid every step of the way. The process was stress free and the final product was great.

- Ray Hawkins

Chiswick House Plan

I wanted to mention that when Joy and I started finding David Loftus plans in our web searches, one of the things that I liked about his concepts was his use of classical design. When I was a student at the University of London, I would often take day trips to visit English country houses that were open to the public. The 18th Century houses, such as Chiswick House, often had the same Palladian elements that David Loftus drew on. It's wonderful to have this tradition available for 21st Century homes.

- Rev. James Siddons

Dalmany House Plan

I have been building ADI houses for over 20 years, starting in 1988. The classic curb appeal of ADI houses encourages home buyers to walk in my houses. The inside floor plan usually closes the deal. My homes sell fast which is important to me. The interest from homes sitting for sale takes too much from my bottom line profit.

- Doug Haymore
Kennesaw, GA

Waterford House Plan

We would like to thank you for the wonderful experience you have provided to us. It started when we were looking for something wonderful to raise our family in. We began with magazines, but as my husband and I are both computer literate, we quickly turned to the Internet for our search. There are many websites, but your site is very organized, easy to maneuver and has many photographs depicting what others have achieved through building their homes using your plans. We love the photos that let us envision how our future will look. Your plans are different, and they all seem to have a historical permanence that other plans cannot achieve. We were also impressed that your plans keep in mind that the kitchen/family area is the heart of the home. From the smallest to the largest of your plans, you keep these areas open and light. I can look at any of your plans and can imagine my family living there. You have managed to make all your houses so warm and friendly, they go beyond mere shelter. Some may be suited to grand formal entertaining but at the very core they all are about family living. The builder was correct when he told us that you provide really good plan modification capabilities, and your staff is considerate and professional. Archival Designs is one of the rarest companies that I’ve seen where every house, estate, and castle has a unique and distinctive flair – each is different, unlike other’s plans from other organizations which are very repetitious – cookie-cutter like. I praise you and the design team, and I am extremely glad to have found you! I would refer your company to all those looking to build their dream.

- Michael Waterford

Chateau Novella House Plan

My wife and I fell in love with Chateau Novella on first sight. Mr. Loftus and his delightful team have truly designed a masterpiece. Its stately presence is rivaled only by its functionality and flexibility, and its elegant lines are reminiscent of the finest Chateaus in Europe. We’re over the moon with the opportunity to build this lovely home and are presently finalizing the pre-construction details that must accompany a project of this scope.

- Greg Hake

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