In-law Suite

We all love our in-laws, right? And because of that you might want to give them their own space to live. Like the basement, which is a great place for an in-law suite, or out over the garage. The important thing is that they have their own bedroom and private bath. 

Some in-law suites even have a morning kitchen, which is a small kitchenette or wet bar area they can use to make meals. So they don't need to use the main kitchen for every meal. Helping them to be comfortable in their own area is key to a good in-law suite.

This collection of home plans with in-law suites could be the key to a happy family life. These plans have the ultimate in utility and flexibility. They can literally make life a lot easier, for everyone. It is not an exaggeration to say they can be a lifesaver. 

Pinecone Trail House Plan from $1,695.00 USD
Pepperwood Place House Plan from $1,695.00 USD
Pepperwood House Plan from $1,695.00 USD
Adelin House Plan from $1,695.00 USD
Parsall Place House Plan from $1,295.00 USD
Chateau De Lanier House Plan from $4,095.00 USD
Houmas Place House Plan from $1,695.00 USD
Hartwell House Plan from $1,295.00 USD
Cartagena House Plan from $7,995.00 USD

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