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House Plans with Deck

Transform your outdoor living with a deck, a space that elevates your home's comfort and convenience. Whether it's a quiet retreat, a place to entertain guests, or a spot to savor meals and moments with family and friends, a deck provides the perfect setting for all your aspirations, year-round.

While this collection of homes offers many choices, any house plan can be modified to include a deck.

Different Styles of Deck House Designs: 

Wrap Around deck: 

This style, often called awraparound porch, combines traditional and modern features with various pitches and shapes. Typically, this differs from a standard deck, which offers ample outside space accessible from multiple entrance points within your house. 

Attached Decks:

Attached decks are affixed to the house structure, usually extending from the main floor level. Because the home's existing structure supports them, they are both practical and reasonably priced. 

Detached Deck:

Decks detached from the home provide a unique combination of adaptability and artistic freedom. They can be positioned to take advantage of picturesque vistas or to go well with particular architectural types; they are similar to freestanding platforms. It's important to remember that while they provide more creative possibilities, creating them may require additional support structures, which might raise the cost of construction. You should also consider maintenance since detached decks may need extra attention to maintain them in good condition over time due to their lack of direct connection to the home.

Multi-level Decks:

Multi-level decks provide different areas for dining, relaxing, and taking in the view. Their layered layout enhances visual attractiveness and makes the most of vertical space. Still, careful design is necessary to provide both safe passage between floors and structural integrity. Safety requires well-designed stairs with railings. It's crucial to consider building codes and zoning restrictions throughout the design phase.

Features of Deck House Plans

Railings and balustrades:

Railings and Balustrades are essential features of the deck. These not only provide safety but also enhance the overall look of your house. 

Built-in seating:

Built-in seating is one of the best features you can include in your deck. This offers convenience and charm, offering a cozy spot for outdoor gatherings. 

Lighting options:

Proper lighting is essential for both functionality and ambience on your deck, whether day or night. Most people opt for LED lights due to their energy consumption and versatility.

Pergolas and shade structures:

Deck pergolas with fabric or lattice panels provide direct sunlight. This offers you a clear view while enjoying the precise shade. Pergolas are standalone features typically spotted on decks or connected to residences. 

Archival Designs has different house plans with a roof deck terrace. You can take a look at our differenthouse plan styles.  


1. Why should I build a deck on my house?

Decks enhance outdoor living space, increase the value of your house, and offer flexibility for relaxing and entertaining with small groups or planning big get-togethers. 

2. How can I select the ideal deck design for my house?

When choosing a deck type, keep in mind elements like the architecture of your house, the amount of space you have available, the utility you want, and your tastes.

3. How much maintenance does a deck require?

Decks require routine care in cleaning, staining or sealing, structural inspections, and ensuring that water damage is prevented by adequate drainage. Give your deck a thorough cleaning every once or twice a year. 

4. Do decks need permits to be built?

Yes. You'll need permission to build a deck. It would help to ask your local building authority about the necessary permits for your intended deck installation.

5. Do you have floor plans that include rooftop decks?

Indeed, for those wishing to maximize their outdoor area and take in panoramic views from their houses, we offer house plans with roof deck terrace as an alternative.

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