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Most Loved Trend: Transitional House Plans

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Most Loved Trend: Transitional House Plans

Transitional architecture has taken 2022 by storm, and it's easy to understand why. This trending style offers a beautiful blend of traditional and modern design elements that create a clean, timeless, and classic home.

Transitional house plans appear traditional in architecture with streamlined details and finishes to create the perfect classic, but casual home. Archival Designs offers many of these floor plans to provide a luxurious experience for everyone in the family. Our transitional house plans feature incredible exteriors, modern kitchens, expandable bonus spaces, and fantastic outdoor living areas the whole family can enjoy.

If you love the charm and warmth of traditional designs, but are intrigued by the simplicity of contemporary architecture you may find that the transitional style is the perfect fit for you. Explore Archival Designs' collection of transitional house plans and the incredible features they offer!

Colors & Materials

Some distinctive features of transitional house plan designs are often noticeable in the material and color selections for the exterior. This popular style often presents industrial elements such as standing seam metal roofs and decorative horizonal awnings. Neutral and modern color palettes of white, black, and gray blended with warm and natural wood finishes. An excellent example of color and material use is in our newest transitional house plan, the White Lily by Archival Designs

White Lily by Archival Designs / Transitional House Plan


Traditional Rooflines + Streamlined Twist

The demand for transitional home plans comes from homebuyers who want to incorporate the familiarity of traditional form with streamlined modern lines. By simplifying roof forms and removing decorative embellishments, homeowners are able to spend money on other upgrades in their home without compromising the curb appeal. It's the best of both worlds. The Sweet Magnolia by Archival Designs blends lovely European-inspired roof lines with simple fascia that beautifully contrasts the stylish painted white brick. 

Sweet Magnolia House / Transitional Floor Plan / Archival Designs


Oversized Windows

The want (and need) for natural daylight has been a major trend for the couple of years, and it's no different when it comes to transitional house plans. Utilizing rich colors on window frames, such as black or dark gray, add pops of contrast to the neutral color palettes. Much of the appeal to dark window frames with minimal grilles is the elegant aesthetic they offer, along with their versatility regardless of the specific architectural style. Our best selling White Bluff house plan features unexpected tall windows on the front elevation for a striking contrast against the modern covered front entry.

White Bluff House / Transitional Floor Plans

Touch of Whimsy

Those who favor the more traditional side of the design can introduce a touch of whimsy or ornate design element. The St. Andrews house plan is the perfect example of a transitional home plan that integrates elaborate parapet walls in contrast to the clean and crisp lines of the adjacent gables. These elegant and unique elements are the focal point of the façade and add pizzazz to a home that could otherwise feel very modern.

St Andrews House / Transitional Floor Plans
Contact Archival Designs with questions about our transitional house plans or if you'd like to make a modification request for one of our designs. We're ready to assist you!

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