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Balmoral House Plan: from blueprints to reality

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Balmoral House Plan: from blueprints to reality

The construction of the Balmoral is a significant undertaking that began in 2019. After purchasing the architectural drawings from Archival Designs, the structural engineer developed calculations necessary for permitting in roughly nine months. Grading and pouring the foundation began in the fall of 2020 onto the lovely 40 acres property.

The homeowner made numerous modifications to personalize this house plan. He reduced the original 3-story design to a 2-story structure, but kept both wings as 3-stories to utilize the vast attic space under roof. The incredible main tower maintained its 6-story height. Its sheer overall size and impact as you approach the castle offers an impressive site to behold that takes you back in time 500 years ago.


Ingenuity and innovative design by Mr. D'Angelo facilitated the construction of overhanging turrets and the 6-story tower using modern construction methods that resemble the exact look of castles.


The Balmoral house plan features eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, four half baths, and multiple social rooms. An incredible modern amenity added by the homeowner is a large bowling alley located in one of the wings of this estate. The structural engineer designed the bowling alley's integration to the house. Brunswick provided the technical requirements and specifications of the 2-lane regulation size. Together, they coordinated lighting, automatic ball return and equipment location.



Photography Credit
Company: D'Angelo Design Studio, LLC / Florida and Tennessee
Name: Jerry D'Angelo
Contact: (239) 340-6186 / dsuit@aol.com
Residential designs, planning, consulting, production drawings.

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Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

January 26, 2023

I would love to know where this is being built. I would be interested to see it’s further progress on google Maps.


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