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Kitchen & Bath Trends 2016

Kitchen & Bath Trends 2016

Kitchen Trends 2016

  • Clean lines and bright whites prevail in traditional, contemporary, or transitional designs.
  • Turn your pantry into more than just food storage.  When possible, add a window, small sink, and ample storage for appliances.   Built-in floor toceiling shelves will maximize storage space and organization.
  • Incorporate energy-efficient task & accent lighting under cabinets and around circulation paths.
  • Age in place by moving more storage down, rather than keeping all cabinetry up high.
  • Over-sized kitchen island with cook top, outlets, drawers, recycling pullouts, and ample seating.
  • Warm color wood, or plank-style porcelain tile performs beautifully in the high traffic kitchen.

Bath Trends 2016

Featured Home: Wexford House at Archival Designs
  • Tub, shower, or both?  Trends come and go, but personal preference will always win!  Whether you choose to incorporate one or both you can't go wrong.  Having a tub in the house will increase resale value, but it doesn't necessary have to be located in the master bathroom.
  • Maximize daylight by adding a large window in the main space across from large mirrors.  If possible,  add a window in the water closet and walk-in closet.
  • Highlight the architecture by providing ample lighting from unique light fixtures and natural daylight.
  • Incorporate tile planks in rustic, or polished modern finishes for a durable, easy to clean space.
  • Provide separate sinks, walk-in closets, and storage when possible to give couples flexibility in the space.

What trends will you be incorporating into your new home?  Choose your design at Archival Designs!

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