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Retirement Home: Building to Age-in-Place

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Retirement Home: Building to Age-in-Place

Building a new home is an investment, and like any other investment its one we want to enjoy for years.  According to the NAHB, over the past five years there has been an increased desire to incorporate design elements that will serve owner's lifestyles now and many years down the road.

Retirement Home Features

Curb-less Showers

There are many advantages to incorporating a curb-less shower into your newretirement  home plan -- the main being functionality for everyone from grandchildren to grandparents.   Removing the curb it allows for easy wheelchair access and reduces the risk of tripping for someone with mobility limitations.   Another great benefit is the added ease of cleaning.  Owners reduce cleaning time in a curb-less shower in comparison to the elbow-brushing that is required in small corners or alcoves.


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Wider doorways

Incorporating doorways that are a minimum of 36" provides the necessary clearance for wheelchairs to easily enter rooms.  By making a simple change like widening doorways your retirement home plan will offer flexibility for multigenerational households.  When possible,  additional space should be left to allow doors to open past the 90 degree angle.  Pocket doors have also proven to be a good solution when space-saving is important.

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Accessible Routes/Turning Space

One of the most important and inexpensive ways to guarantee your retirement home will evolve with your family's needs is to provide clear turning space and accessible routes throughout.  Your luxury floor plan should provide a continuous plane from room to room by limiting changes in flooring material. According to the NAHB, "low-cost, simple modifications to help people be safer and more comfortable in their homes, such as installing grab bars and higher toilets, continue to be the most popular". What are some modifications you think are important when planning for the future?

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