Multigenerational House Plans

In recent years, multigenerational homes have become increasingly popular among families. Modern families have combined their finances to go further to allow retired parents or adult children to live in the same home. Archival Designs offers these convenient floor plans to provide a luxurious experience for everyone in the family. Our multigenerational house plans feature multiple master suites, private bathrooms, expandable bonus spaces, and even multiple living areas the entire family can comfortably enjoy.

Contact Archival Designs with questions about our multigenerational house plans or if you'd like to make a modification request for one of our designs.

Pinecone Trail House Plan from $1,695.00 USD
Pepperwood Place House Plan from $1,695.00 USD
Pepperwood House Plan from $1,695.00 USD
Pollard House Plan from $1,695.00 USD
Vinius House Plan from $1,695.00 USD
Bernini Estates House Plan from $3,295.00 USD
Adelin House Plan from $1,695.00 USD
Audelle House Plan from $1,295.00 USD

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