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Top Customer Pick: Open Floor Plans

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Top Customer Pick: Open Floor Plans

Home owners looking to build a new house continue to be drawn to the feelings of spaciousness, easy flow and welcoming togetherness evoked by open floor plans.


Presente House | Open Floor Plan | Archival Designs

Open floor plans

Pioneered in the early 20th century, open floor plans remain popular today, according to a recent survey from the National Association of Home Builders. The survey found that 70 percent of buyers want a kitchen-family room area that is either completely or partially open, with 32 percent wanting it completely open. And owners of existing homes are choosing to open things up, too. Remodelers reported that 40 percent of their projects involve opening existing homes’ main floors by removing interior walls entirely or by using countertops, cut-throughs or archways, rather than full walls, to define separate areas in a more open way.

Rockin Horse Farm | Open Floor Plans | Archival Designs

Main floors with few or no interior walls allow families to interact more easily, and provides easy flow for entertaining.  Equally important, it enables parents to keep an eye on children from different areas of the home. Open floor plans not only maximize space and flow, they optimize natural light. Windows serve more than their immediate area, illuminating the entire space.  Architectural styles with open floor plans that are the most popular are Ranch floor plans and Craftsman floor plans. These styles are usually smaller and appeal to empty-nesters and millennials.

Merveille Vivante | Open Floor Plans | Archival Designs


With the increasing focus on accessible design, open floor plans meet another of today’s needs.  With fewer doorways, these homes are easier to navigate in a wheelchair or with a stroller. To find a builder in your area visit nahb.org.

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