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Veranda can be spelled with an "h" such as verandah, or without. But usually the spelling without the "h' is more widely used. The word Veranda came to English through India by way of an Indo-Portuguese creole, the word itself comes from the Portuguese varanda which means "long balcony or terrace".

So, what exactly is a veranda? Basically it is a roofed platform running on the outside of a house. Usually along more than one side. It would not be totally wrong to call a wraparound porch a veranda. But, no matter what you call it, it is a feature that you will want in your new home.

This collection of house plans with verandas is very special. The benefits of a veranda are numerous. They expand the ling area of the house outside, the increase the homes curb appeal. And they help you enjoy you home, yard and neighborhood. 

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