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Cape Cod House Plans

Cape Cod-style house plans boast simple and symmetrical designs that originated in New England during the early 17th century. The simple roof lines and floor plans make them a popular choice among families looking for a beautiful and functional luxury home. Dormers, wood shingles, clapboard sidings, and minimal ornamentation are typical characteristics of traditional Cape Cod house designs and Craftsman-stylehouse plans

Archival Designs' Cape Cod floor plans are known for their creative use of space and open floor plans. The exteriors reflect a Cape Cod elevation; however, the interiors boast the latest in functionality. Our award-winning Cape Cod-style house plans can be tailored to your specific site or individual preferences. Enjoy your stroll through the breathtaking Cape Cod architecture.

Features of Cape Cod House Designs

Cape Cod house designs are characterized by several iconic features.

Balanced Design

Cape Cod floor plans feature balanced and symmetrical facades with a central front door flanked by windows, creating a welcoming and harmonious appearance.

Steep Gabled Roof

One of the practical benefits of a steep gabled roof is its ability to efficiently shed snow and rain, ensuring the home remains protected from the elements.

Efficient Layout

Cape Cod homes typically boast compact and efficient interior designs, with a central hallway and rooms branching off, maximizing space and functionality.

Minimal Exterior

Cape Cod-style house plans embrace a minimalistic exterior with clapboard or shingle siding and charming shutters.

Central Chimney

Traditionally, these homes include a central chimney that warms up all rooms. While modern versions might vary, this feature remains a nod to the home's historic roots.

Other features

Additional characteristics of Cape Cod home plans include low ceilings, a central staircase, bedrooms in dormers, clean detailing, acovered front entry, and multi-paned double-hung windows with shutters, all contributing to their unique charm and appeal.

Benefits of Cape Cod Home Plans

Cape Cod home designs offer more than just charming aesthetics; their appeal lies in a harmonious blend of practical features and timeless style, making them an ideal choice for those who value both style and functionality.

Weather resistant

Originally designed in New England to withstand heavy snow and strong winds, Cape Cod homes are built to be highly weather-resistant and incredibly sturdy.


Cape Cod house plans are typically modest in size, making them both affordable and energy-efficient. Ideal choice for individuals, couples, or small families looking for a cozy and manageable home.

Easy to maintain

The compact nature of these homes makes them easier to clean, heat, maintain, and furnish. Many rooms are multifunctional, with built-in storage and shelving.


With smaller yards, Cape Cod home plans require less yard maintenance and shoveling. The steep roofs prevent snow accumulation, adding to their low-maintenance appeal.

Curb appeal

Cape Cod homes boast a charming and uniquely American appearance that makes them stand out in any neighborhood.

Energy Efficient

The compact design and centralized chimney of Cape Cod homes contribute to their energy efficiency, particularly in colder climates, making them a practical and eco-friendly choice.

Different Types of Cape Cod Home Plans

Each Cape Cod house design brings its own unique blend of charm and functionality. Whether you crave the quaint simplicity of a traditional layout or the modern twist of a contemporary design, there's a Cape Cod floor plan for every lifestyle.

Full Cape

The most popular style featuring two symmetrical windows on either side of the front door and a large, central chimney, embodying the classic Cape Cod charm.

Half Cape 

A smaller version with a door on one side and two windows on the other. Ideal for starter homes or smaller lots. 

Three-Quarter Cape 

Slightly larger, the Three-Quarter Cape features an offset door and extra windows, providing more interior space and a slightly asymmetrical look with a multi-paneled window on one side of the door and two on the other.

Modern Cape Cod

Many of our Cape Cod home designs incorporatemodern amenities and design elements while retaining the original Cape Cod aesthetic, blending tradition with modern living.

Expanded Cape

An extended Cape Cod house plan features extra wings and extensions, providing more living space and making itsuitable for larger families while maintaining the classic Cape Cod appeal.



What Materials Are Typically Used for Cape Cod House Plans?
Traditionally, Cape Cod-style house plans used clapboard or shingle siding. However, modern versions use a variety of materials for both aesthetic and practical reasons.
What Is So Unique About Cape Cod House Designs?
Cape Cod home designs are known for their timeless charm and practicality, featuring steep gabled roofs, symmetrical facades, and central chimneys. Originating in New England, they are built to withstand harsh weather and offer efficient, cozy layouts. Their minimalistic exterior with classic detailing adds to their enduring appeal.
Can Cape Cod House Floor Plans Be Customized?
Yes, at Archival Designs, we can customize Cape Cod floor plans to suit individual needs, including adding dormers, expanding the footprint, or adding a contemporary touch to the interiors.
Are Cape Cod Houses Energy Efficient?
The compact design and central chimney of traditional Cape Cod floor plans can make them more energy-efficient, especially in colder climates.
Are Cape Cod Plans Suitable for All Climates?
While Cape Cod houses were originally designed for New England's harsh winters, their simple, easily adaptable design makes them suitable for a range of climates.

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