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Unwind in Your Master Bathroom Retreat

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Unwind in Your Master Bathroom Retreat

"Part of taking care of yourself is learning how to take time out to relax, recharge, & rejuvenate.  Tranquility all starts within you." -Christine St.Vil

Master Bathroom Retreat

One of the greatest feelings in the world is letting go of the daily responsibilities life throws our way, and embracing the wonderful serenity of a master bathroom retreat.  Long gone are the days where function was more important than aesthetics. Nowadays, the two have become equally as significant and deliver a functional space that offers physical and mental tranquility. If you're ready to enjoy your very own spa-like bathroom check out these brilliant design ideas:

Contemporary Accents

The owners of this contemporary home tastefully paired rich brown woodwork with slate tiles. In addition, sparkling geometric glass accents to create a bathroom as beautiful as any luxury  high-end spa.

Contemporary Architectural Style Luxor House Plan Bath Design

Tranquil & Soothing

Pair polished marble with gleaming chandeliers to create a calming environment in your private retreat.  Most noteworthy is the combination of floating, marble topped bathroom cabinets and large mirrors help bounce light throughout this traditional space.  The elegant barrel vaulted ceiling treatment adds visual height, and frames the streamline soaking tub.

Traditional Architectural Style Vinius House Plan Bath Design

Mix Neutrals

Play with texture while maintaining the harmony of the warm earth tones throughout the space.  For example, this owner incorporated traditional elements such as the gilded, framed mirror, with large honed tiles and stained cabinets.  Speckled granite counter tops and a custom stained glass window add character to this luxurious space.

Luxury Architectural Style | Master Bathroom Retreat

Katheko House Plan - Luxury Master Bathroom Retreat What are some of the ways you dream of incorporating into your new bathroom retreat?

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