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New Home Plans: What Do Consumers Want?

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New Home Plans: What Do Consumers Want?

With so many house plan designs available today, there is no doubt your perfect home is waiting for you.  But, what does perfect mean?  What do you want out of your new house? Housing preferences consistently evolve as the needs of homeowners change and technology advances.  Many times, age can play a significant role in what buyers want to see in a potential new home.   

The most compelling evidence was recently released by the NAHB in their latest study¹ and HousingEconomics shared an independent survey² revealing what consumers are most likely to request this year.

Family Triangle with Central Island

Open-layout great rooms are at the top of the list for consumers.   To illustrate, large family areas with uninterrupted views from the kitchen, to the living room, to the dining area allow for easy entertaining and pay homage to more contemporary design.  Elegant and continuous woodwork on the ceiling ties the spaces together and brings back a touch of traditional design.  Central islands serve as a multi-functional space for cooking, eating, and entertaining.

Ruth Ann House Plan | Modern Farmhouse | Archival Designs

Master Walk-in Closets

Large walk-in closets with ample area for shelves, and hanging space is quickly becoming an important part of the home for consumers.  Without a doubt, packing islands featuring additional storage for smaller items such as undergarments, and accessories are highly desirable. In addition, when space permits a makeup vanity area can be added.

Katheko house plan mediterranean style italian architectural

Functional & Stylish Laundry

At the top of the "most wanted" list is a beautiful and practical laundry room.  Most of all, Millennials and Gen X'ers alike want a space that will help keep their home organized with bountiful space and functionality.  In particular, high-efficiency appliances, ample storage, folding counters, deep soaking sinks, and even washing areas allow for the maximum use of space in an otherwise unpopular area of the house have become must-haves.

Katheko house plan mediterranean style italian architectural luxury laundry

Energy Savings in New Homes

According to Ed Brady, chairman of the National Association of Home Builders,  "Today's new homes include features that will help homeowners reduce energy consumption and enhance the conveniences of modern living."  With this purpose in mind, builder's suggest including low E-windows, Energy Star-rated appliances and windows, and programmable thermostats. All things considered, the up-front cost to build increases by $10,000, but will result in $1,000 savings per month. To find your dream home design visit our portfolio or contact us today!

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