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Mud Room

A mud room is one of those things you don't immediately think of when you are looking for a home plan. But it is one of those things you'll wish you had the very first day in your new home. This collection of home plans with mud rooms is where you should start your search.

A "mud room" was really not a thing until the 1950's. When tract home became more popular the one thing they offered was a less formal entrance. At the same time the front porch, and even wraparound porches did not work with the new Modern home style. In the past the porch was the place to sit and remove the muddy boots before entering the home.

While technology moved forward it became necessary to design a specific area inside the home that would replace the utility of the porch. Hence the mud room was born. And don't be fooled, everyone needs a mud room. Every climate in every part of the country necessitates the use of a mud room. This collection of home plans is what you'll want to search if you ever plan on leaving your home, or if you have kids, or a dog, or a cat. 

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