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Georgian House Plans

Georgian house plans come from British homes in King George's time. They show the classic English Colonial style in America. They look proper and orderly, with symmetrical layouts inside and out. These homes are usually square or rectangular, with sometimes a small addition on the side or front to keep their charm.

Creating a modern Georgian-style home requires knowing its history and architectural style well. You need to be good at classical design and know how to follow traditional rules of composition. But it's also important to adapt these elements to fit today's needs and styles so the house stays relevant and timeless. To learn aboutour modification process or ask questions about our available Georgian home plans, contact Archival Designs today.

Features of Georgian Style House Plans

Georgian Architecture is well-liked for its tidy and balanced designs, classic proportions in floor plans and exteriors, central entry points, and timeless decorations. Usually, this style of house has a big central area, more miniature connectors, and matching wings on either side.

Georgian houses often have floor plans stretching back two rooms and can be one or two stories tall. Depending on the region, their roofs come in various styles, like slanted gabled roofs, gambrel roofs providing extra space for bedrooms or hipped roofs. Some fancier Georgian houses even feature center gables that standout slightly. You might find Georgian townhouses with narrow fronts and elongated layouts in urban areas.

Georgian architecture house plans front doors are known for their classic style. They can be plain or fancy, often decorated with classical designs and topped with a pediment or arched cap. Some doors have glass panels above and on the sides. Later versions might have covered entrances or a particular driveway shelter called a porte-cochere.

What makes Georgian style house designs popular in today's architecture?

In today's architectural world, georgian-style homes are still admired for their classic elegance. Their balanced design and traditional charm appeal to people who appreciate symmetry and a touch of history. Whether large estates on spacious grounds or smaller homes in lively neighborhoods, Georgian houses look great and have versatile layouts that combine old-fashioned style with modern comforts.


1. What is a Georgian Style House Plan?

Georgian floor plans often have a front door right in the middle, sometimes decorated fancy. This door is like a stylish entryway to the evenly arranged and nicely sized rooms inside the house. A Georgian-style colonial house is perfect for a lifestyle that matches its elegant and subtly formal design.

2. What are the key features of Georgian house floor plans?

  • Buildings have very even shapes, and the windows and doors are balanced.
  • Most buildings are of brick, stone, or stucco, with brick being the most common.
  • Roofs sloped with no flat parts, sometimes with extra windows called dormers.
  • Windows often have fancy decorations above them.
  • Entrances look fancy with triangular shapes, arched tops, and caps with a particular curve.

3. What rooms can you expect in a Georgian floor plans?

  • Living Room and Dining Room
  • There's usually a giant staircase in the middle that leads upstairs.
  • Bedrooms are usually upstairs, too, with the main bedroom being the biggest.
  • Some Georgian houses might have unique rooms for servants, like a separate area for them to stay, showing how things were back then.

4. Are Georgian home plans suitable for modern living?

Even though it comes from old-style ideas, Georgian architecture fits right into how we live today. Architects can use new materials, save energy, and make modern layouts while still keeping that Georgian feel.

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