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Storage Solutions in Your New Home Plan

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Storage Solutions in Your New Home Plan

Finding storage solutions for things like blankets, books, seasonal clothes and countless other items that often take over your living areas can seem challenging, especially when you build an open floor plan. But there are many practical and attractive ways to incorporate storage all throughout your home, during all stages of the building process.


Storage solutions

Hollybrook House Plan - A surprising number of people are incorporating one of the most versatile storage locations into their house plans: the mudroom. Especially for smaller homes, and ranch house plans, a mudroom can free up valuable space from day-to-day clutter. An unused coat closet may work, but overtime can become untidy and unorganized.  The main goal is for a family’s extra items to be stored logically and out of site. Consider an area by an access point, usually the garage, that can act as a drop zone for all those items that don’t need to bring into the rest of the home. Standalone storage units or pre-planned built-in cabinetry in the mudroom create a functional entrance ideal for mail, shoes, backpacks, and more that the entire family will appreciate.

Built-in Shelves

Cobblestone House Plan | French Country Floor Plan

Cobblestone House Plan - Free-standing bookshelves serve a function, but built-in shelves can be “wow factors” that significantly enhance the character of a house plan. Either bordering a fireplace or large window, built-in shelves are a great investment with a dual purpose of adding storage and providing an area to display photos and décor. Archival Designs boasts a large collection of luxury home plans that incorporate built-ins not only for functionality, but also for aesthetics.  A cabinet maker or other woodworking professional can build one to fit your home’s unique dimensions. Or a local re-modeler can help you with design and installation.

Wall-Mounted Storage

Laurel | 1,999 SF | 3 Beds | 2 Baths

Laurel House Plan - Your walls are meant for more than just hanging pictures, paintings and mirrors. They can also function as places to hold day-to-day items like umbrellas, bags and coats near an entryway. Mounting shelves, drawers or mirrors with hooks can be functional and fun. Or get creative with unique items found at antique shops or yard sales that could serve as hanging devices, even if that is not their primary purpose. This idea can be incorporated into your residential house plan. They are great options for a mudroom, closet, or a play room for the kids. Just make sure you are securely and properly affixing items to your wall to avoid damage. Always use the studs in your wall or the appropriate hanging hardware. If you are unsure, have a handyman or contractor help you. Especially for larger items that could cause harm to a person or damage to your home if mounted improperly.

Garage and Large Items

Storage Solutions Garage | Ruth Ann House Plan

Ruth Ann House Plan - When there is extra space in a garage, shed, basement, large closet or even an underused room there are shelving options. There are numerous shelving options to help you optimize the vertical spaces. A shelf bisecting an otherwise open closet can give you twice the space. Shelves with totes, baskets or doors are functional and can add charm to the room. Adding storage can help breathe new life into your home. If done well those solutions will be long-lasting features. They typically offer a solid return on your investment if you ever decide to sell your home. We offer an abundance of designer house plans that incorporate many of these storage design ideas.



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