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6 Kitchen Design & Decor Ideas

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6 Kitchen Design & Decor Ideas

When it comes to decorating your newly built home, there's no better place to begin than with the kitchen.  Get inspired by these stunning kitchens as you dream up your very own.


Display Stylish Accessories

Whispering Valley | Farm House Plan

A kitchen can be both functional and stylish!  Display artwork or accessories like you would in a living room or bedroom. Consider vintage food or grocer signs, as shown in the Whispering Valley farm house plan, to add collected flair, or add a pretty painting for a more elegant vibe.


All Lit Up

Wexford House | Traditional Home Plan | Two-Story House Plan

Adequate lighting is a must for the functional aspect of a kitchen, and fortunately this important element can also be highly decorative. With so many styles available, you can make a truly unique statement with light fixtures. The Wexford two-story house plan boasts under-cabinet lighting that adds functionality along the entire work surface. Hafele cabinet down-lights are a great add-on option to glass door cabinets.  


Double Islands

Salem | European House Plan | Kitchen Design

Functionality is the top priority for a home chef!  Give yourself ample cook and prep counter space by adding two islands into your new kitchen.  Having a big working area in the kitchen makes everyday work easier and helps to keep your kitchen organized.  The Salem Place boasts a stunning 19x17 gourmet kitchen with two spacious islands are large windows that welcome natural daylight.


Get Creative with Paint

Big Canoe House Plan | Rustic House Plan | Country Home Plan

Kitchens typically don't have a lot of wall space, thanks to cabinetry, backsplashes, windows, and doorways. Use limited wall space as a chance to display a color you might not otherwise choose for a large wall or whole room. Here, an earthy green tone in the upper cabinetry beautifully compliments the neutral browns of the lower cabinets and flooring. Cream cabinetry and kitchen stools add brightness to the space and compliment the natural feel of this rustic home. 

Shelf Space

Modern Farm House Kitchen

Form and function can live harmoniously! Utilize open shelving in your kitchen to display useful everyday items as decorative accessories. In a minimalist, uncluttered kitchen, shelving can be elevated with additional decorative touches such as plants and cookbooks. 


Bold Tile Patterns

Bold Kitchen Tile | House Plan Design

You don't have to go with a bright color in order to take advantage of the bold tile trend.  Add personality and texture to your own kitchen!  This hexagonal tile adds texture and interest to the space and compliments the simple color palette of the white cabinetry and copper accents.


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