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Coastal House Plans | Make Your Home A Beach-Inspired Zone

Coastal House Plans | Make Your Home A Beach-Inspired Zone

You can now make the sand, sun and surf reflect within the four walls of your home! To re-create the look of beach and water bodies, go for coastal house plans and implement elements & colors that are characteristic of seas. Use of delicate fabrics and a lot of natural light immediately invoke a nautical feel. So much so that you can almost smell the salty ocean in your bedroom! Here are a few pointers to guide you along the shoreline of coastal house plans:

Coastal House Plan Bedroom – Bring The Beach Indoors

Bring a portion of the beach to your bedroom. This is your private zone where you relax after a long day, therefore demanding a serene feel in the décor. Keep it subdued and play with hues of the sea such as light blues and sea greens. Paint the walls in a dreamy light blue and go for comfortable easygoing furniture. Get white curtains in sea horse prints, place a few conch shells on the bedside table, and hang framed antique maps of the sea to give the room a marine attitude. ive your guestroom a contemporary look by mixing a bold color with a soft shade. Use a combination of red and white in the wall, bedsheet and cushions to bring out an interesting sea feel. Paint a wall red, and adorn it with white corals for a beach-inspired appearance.

Living Room Of Coastal House Plan – Recline On The Soft Shores

A bright color palette can set the oceanic mood in your living room. Being the convergence point of family and friends, the living room needs to ooze warmth and playfulness. Keep the walls sand colored, and the furniture in lighter shades. Place a table made of natural driftwood in the center of the room to give a dramatic twist to the entire look. Make sure to allow a lot of natural sunshine to pour into the room. Hang paintings of oysters, shells and star fish in bright hues to further accentuate the maritime experience. You could place other artifacts like a compass, or a glass jar full of shells for a reminiscence of the seas.

Coastal House Plan Washroom – Ocean.. Ocean.. Everywhere!

Transform your washroom into an extension of the coastline! A beige floor will remind you of the long walks on the beach, while the smooth river rocks surrounding the pristine white tub will attract you for a rejuvenating bath. Accessorize the area with shell shaped toiletries. Get curtains with cute ship prints on them. Color co-ordinate towels and bath robes with the rest of the space. Hang a massive mirror, studded with shells and corals, to conjure a maritime look.

Kitchen In A Coastal Home Plan - For A Supper At The Sea

Let the theme of your kitchen be light. Lots of it! A spacious space with huge windows looking out into the sea already heightens the uniqueness of the space. Use lighter shades of blue or green for the wall, and complement it with a wooden table. Hang a chandelier made with seashells above the table to lend an over-the-top charm to the eating area. Find more architectural styles and your sutitable house plan now: Click Here

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