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Re-create the look and serenity of coastal cities in your very own home. Here are a few ideas to guide you along the shoreline of beach house plans:

Bedroom – Bring The Beach Indoors

It's no surprise the casual and peaceful vibe of the coast is a popular decor choice when it comes to bedrooms. A beach house bedroom doesn't have to be over-the-top, or have obvious beach motifs. Bring the relaxing feel of a tropical climate into your bedroom through the use of plants and natural woods reminiscent of a sandy beach. Soft linens and an airy wall paint like Eider White by Sherwin Williams create an overall serene vibe and promote relaxation after a long day.


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Living Room – Recline On The Soft Shores

A bright color palette can set the tropical mood in your living room. Being the convergence point of family and friends, the living room should embody warmth and playfulness. Keep the walls sand colored, or add tropical leaf wallpaper for a modern twist. Don't be afraid to add a bright pop of color to a neutral palette for an instant boost to the space.


Beach House Plan | Home Plan Designs | Archival Designs


Washroom – Tranquility.. Tranquility.. Everywhere!

Transform your washroom into an extension of the coastline! Accessorize the space with colors found in nature by adding fresh house plants and a light wood vanity reminiscent of a sandy beach. To further enhance the serene atmosphere with a contemporary twist, accessorize with a striking round mirror and sleek wall-mount faucet.


Beach House Plan | Home Plan Designs | Archival Designs


Kitchen - For A Supper At The Sea

Let the theme of your kitchen be light. Lots of it! A spacious kitchen with white cabinetry and pops of color heightens the uniqueness of the space. Use wood and copper accents to warm up the space. Bold pendants above the kitchen island provide ample task lighting and become a sculptural conversation piece.  


 Beach House Plan | Home Plan Designs | Archival Designs

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