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Unveiling the Charm and Features of Modern Craftsman Style Homes

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Unveiling the Charm and Features of Modern Craftsman Style Homes

A Craftsman Style House is popularly welcomed in the USA today, rating among the most privileged home designs. This structural style originated in the late 19th century, inspired by the British Arts and Crafts operations shown in the 1860s.

Why are these Craftsman House Plans still favored in the 21st Century? Ever thought? 

Let's delve into the dynamic features and aspects of Craftsman Homes to understand the reason behind their enduring acceptance. 

What Is a Craftsman Style House?

Before getting into features and popularity let’s just first understand what is considered a Craftsman Style House

A Craftsman style house features parallel lines, flaunting elemental textures, peculiar designs, and the existence of handmade creations. The key traits of this Single story craftsman style house consist of beams with deep layers, blocking eaves with bare ceilings and timbers, durable conical shafts, ornamental window design, and a private front porch.


Craftsman homes are drafted to fit in well with nature. The roofs commonly have natural tones like brown, green, and red. The house's main structure can be olive, dark green, or copper( reddish brown). Craftsman style homes have open spaces and basic features like racks, closets, cozy corners, window seats, and fireplaces.

Are these style houses called Bungalows? 

While Craftsman style architecture is often linked with the term ‘bungalow,’ it's vital to admit that 'bungalow’ relates to the overall blueprint of a house rather than the particular materials and outlined features incorporated. 

Commonly smaller and presenting one or one-and-a-half stories, bungalows show a peculiar style of homes. While they display comparison with Craftsman Style homes, such as dormer windows and large front porches, bungalows can approve distinct types like Prairie and Tudor.

What are the unique features of a Modern Craftsman Style House?

Craftsman style house plans have unique features that might vary based on the area, weather and cultural elements. Home designs within the Craftsman style share diverse aspects, even though resource and architectural factors may differ from one zone to another. 

  • Made Using Natural Materials 

A craftsman's house is commonly assembled from timber, wood, stone, bricks, and various natural materials. Every little thing about its exterior layout symbolizes inherence and grace. Due to this, most craftsman house plans are environmentally friendly.

While the majority of the contemporary houses focus on sizable square footage, the craftsman style takes a peculiar approach. Its compact footprint and efficient use of space translate to diminished building materials and lower energy utilization for construction and preservation. This commitment on reducing environmental effects makes craftsman houses an enthralling choice for individuals hunting for an eco-friendly construction approach. 

  • Shallow-Sloped Roofs

A most unique characteristic of luxury craftsman home plans is a low-pitched roof, typically fixed in a hip or ceiling. A low-pitched roof can also have expanded eaves shedding from the front show, often followed by a large front porch.

The rafter tails remain unprotected, making it impossible to install sewers. Elegant braces and roofs are also surplus under the rooftop. 

  • Uncovered Beams 

Exposed beams or ceilings are regular on Craftsman-style homes, both inside and outside. The most advantageous aspect of bare beams is that they can aid in making the room appear larger.

They also help warm the roof view and give the area an old-world charisma, which a craftsman-style house comfortably processes. Regardless of their purpose, bare beams provide an excellent means to immerse a touch of rustic appeal into a craftsman-style home.

Do Contemporary modern craftsman houses remain in demand?

In brief, Craftsman houses continue to be very popular, especially in the Middle-west. These style houses are the most searched-after design models for new abodes. Craftsman structure’s timeless appeal and rooted artistry resonate with the Midwest culture. Still, it’s worth noticing that Contemporary modern craftsman houses are not confined to this region and are found nationwide. 

To say, the Craftsman Movement is coming back as modern interior and exterior design trends highlight luxury, warmth, and attachment. Their friendly and straightforward design is compatible with the current lifestyle choices that support cozy and effortless living. Check out Archival Design Craftsman House Plans, which offers both versatility and comfort. 


Whether you're in search for an economical, simple home focused on raw natural materials and conventional craftsmanship, or a more twisted home furnished with comprehensive woodwork and attractive touches, the Craftsman style has something for everyone. The lasting charm of Craftsman-style house plans, with their dedication to clarity, utility, and the appreciation of natural beauty, provides their timeless popularity among residents, offering an eternal and alluring curb appeal.

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