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Landscaping Tips for Your House Plan

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Landscaping Tips for Your House Plan

The beauty of your newly build house plan extends past the front door.  Landscape design is a key part of making your new home stand out and reflect your style.  Here are some tips to consider as you choose a landscape that shows off your personality and architectural style of your home:

Hire a Pro

A professionally landscaped property can easily add up to 20 percent to your home’s value and create a welcoming aesthetic you’ll be sure to enjoy.  Some important questions to discuss with the landscape architect are: What types of plants thrive in this climate?  Does the landscaping need to provide privacy? What color combinations will compliment the home? The answers to these questions will help you and the design team iron out details and come up with a plan that will compliment your house plan.

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), it is a good rule of thumb to invest 10 percent of the home’s value into landscaping. This budget should include plantings and softscaping, hardscaping, lighting, garden paths, firepits, fences, labor fees, sprinkler systems and more.


House Plan Style Specific Landscaping

The aesthetics of your home plan will greatly influence the types of plants you may want to use.  For instance, vines atop a pergola will be a striking complement to a Mediterranean house plan.   A cozy garden with lush greenery and peonies or roses will better suit a farmhouse style home.  While different house plan styles can be built anywhere, it is always a good idea to consider the surrounding landscaping and climate.   

Walnut Grove Farm House Plan | 2459 square feet | One-Story House Plan



Whether you choose sod or seed for your landscape design will be determined by multiple factors including budget, lot size, ability to water, and time of year.   Using sod is a popular option for numerous reasons including it is instant turf, it bypasses weed growth, and can be planted any time of year. Some disadvantages to this popular option are the hefty price tag and heavy watering it requires in the beginning as it roots down. Using seed for your new landscape will lower the cost significantly but will take longer to grow with a greater need for long-term weed maintenance and regular watering. 

So, where should you buy your plants?  If your landscape plan consists of relatively common plant species it may be worth purchasing from big box stores that often offer a lower price.  One of the most important things to keep in mind is that plants grown on site in local nurseries will be more adapted to your climate.  Many times, big box stores purchase from wholesale growers that grow plants in a generic greenhouse environment. The health of your plant may also be affected by where it’s sold.  Usually, big box stores will tend to plants a lot less than independent nurseries who water & feed plants, spot pests & diseases, and place them in ideal lighting conditions.

New House Plan Landscaping - Nursery

Maintain & Enjoy Your Landscape

The design and installation process of your new landscape is both rewarding and exciting! It’s the cherry on top of your new home. With each season comes a new way to care for your investment.  Be sure to choose plants and trees that match the amount of time or experience you have to offer your landscape.  Ultimately, be open to change.  As you begin to live in your new outdoor space you may find yourself wanting to add elements and upgrading others.  The beauty of a beautifully landscaped home is that it can transform indefinitely as you discover new ideas that reflect your style.

Enjoy New House Plan Landscaping

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