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Maximizing Spaces in a Small House Plan

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Maximizing Spaces in a Small House Plan

Small house plans with cozier spaces have become increasingly common among home buyers across the board.  No matter what architectural style your home plan is, we hope you're find these home design tips and tricks useful to make your small spaces feel bigger and bright.

Paint It White

A light, neutral palette will make a small room feel airy and bright, but also runs the risk of reaching into dull territory. Nix the 'blahs' with interesting accents. Here, rich wood blinds and industrial breakfast chairs add texture against the bright white cabinetry. Mid-tone wood floors give a cozy feel to the breakfast nook of this farm house plan and keeps the space from feeling dull.

Whispering Valley | Farm House Plan

Flexible Furniture Arrangement

Tweak the furniture arrangement throughout your small house plan when entertaining large groups of people. Your primary arrangement in a small room should suit your day-to-day needs.  Incorporating flexible ottoman seating with storage, or chairs from an adjacent room will provide tons of flexibility when hosting large groups.

Small House Plan | Furniture Arrangement

Maximum Style in a Small Bedroom

Add luxe details to any small bedroom. Chandeliers needn't be limited to sweeping spaces. An intricate light fixture is a pretty crown for a small bedroom -- just be sure to select a fixture that is to scale and doesn't feel too big for the room. The Savannah European house plan shows drapes hung at the ceiling and beyond the window frame to give the suggestion that the window is oversized.


Small House Plan | Bedroom Design

Keep Small House Plans Organized

Work with what you have and consider an unconventional use for a space.  Consider giving every item in your house a "place".  Install wall shelving or consider built-in storage to keep items organized.  When possible, use functional everyday items as decorative pieces!

Small House Plan | Storage

Petite Breakfast Nook

When space is limited, a cozy breakfast nook in the kitchen provides additional intimate seating to enjoy a warm cup of coffee.  A neutral color scheme and ample natural light will make your small space appear larger than it is.

Small House Plan | Breakfast Nook

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