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What is a Materials Lists?

When a builder is working up an estimate for the cost of construction, they will need to know what materials will be needed and how much of each type. It is not unlike cooking. A recipe is a list of ingredients with specific instructions of how much of each is needed. Except when you get the measurements wrong in a recipe it won’t destroy your budget and cost you thousands.

The materials list is usually a spreadsheet. It will list all the lumber and other items needed to build the base structure. This includes things like the total linear feet of 2 x 4’s, and 2 x 6’s, and the number of sheet of plywood. It will also list the number of interior and exterior doors, the number and size of windows, and the total amount of insulation needed.

What a materials list doesn’t include is finish materials. Things like carpeting, tile, paint, or trim molding. Those things are subjective. The amount of tile needed would be different if just the bathrooms were tiled, as apposed to putting tile throughout the whole house.

The materials list does not list any prices for anything. It is a list of what is needed and the amounts. The cost of the materials will be different from builder to builder and location to location.

Why don’t all plans have materials lists?

A materials list is a very individual thing. It is highly dependent upon the features a house plan has. The same house plan, one with a basement and the other with a crawl space will have very different materials lists. Because of this, the cost to build each will also be very different.

It takes time and money to prepare materials lists. And because a materials list would need to be created for every variant of a house. The investment of time and energy is just not possible. We strive to create materials lists on a case by case basis. This insures the customer will get the most accurate list possible.

How do I get a materials list?

If you need a materials list the best thing to do is to contact us directly. We will take down your information, and the information about the house plan you are interested in. We will then get back to you on the availability and cost of a materials list.

The cost of a materials list will depend on the size and complexity of the house plan. There is no way to estimate the cost without first knowing the house plan. Because our house plans range from 2500 square feet to over 7000 square feet, the materials lists range from smaller and simple to very extensive.

Can I get a materials lists from a builder?

Yes, if you purchase a plan and give a copy of the plan to a builder they can create a materials list. Some builders prefer to create their own. As these lists are the basis for the price they are giving you. Most builders will have the ability to create a materials list in-house. Or they will work with another company that specializes in creating them.

Do I need a materials list?

Yes, at some point you will need to have one. Either for estimating the cost to build, or when materials are being ordered. You will need a materials list in order to build a new home.

If you have any further questions about materials lists, or if you need help picking out a house plan, please reach out to us. We are here to share our knowledge and help in any way we can.