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Award-Winning House Designs

Archival Designs' award winning house plans are known for their creative use of space, open living areas, ideal balance between interior and exterior spaces, and their superb functionality. Regardless of home size or style, this artful blend of classical architecture, unwavering attention to design details and exquisite use of space, are the hallmarks of Archival Designs' timeless award-winning house designs.

In addition to the rave reviews we receive from the builders and homeowners who have used our house designs to build their dream home, Archival Designs has also received many industry awards and recognitions for our house designs, including:

Why Archival Designs?

  • National Acceptance - Archival Designs homes have been built in 50 states
  • International Appeal - 11 Luxury Homes by Archival Designs are being built in Moscow, Russia
  • Archival Designs homes have been built in the following countries:
United Kingdom
  • Archival Designs homes are the talk of England. Our first custom design in Cambridgeshire has received public acclaim in various media applications.
  • Archival Designs Inc. is presented with Garlinghouses' National Award for Best New Designer.
  • Best Plan Over 3,000 square feet Awarded to Archival Designs Inc., by Home Planners Inc..
  • Chosen to design the Showcase Home for Cardaco Window and Doors. This corporate centerpiece is featured in Cardaco's advertising and sales programs.
  • Silver Award Bestowed by the Atlanta Homebuilders Association for homes from 3,500 to 4,000 Square Feet.
  • David Marc Loftus wins the National Award for Best Home Plan Over 3,000 square feet presented by Home Planners, LLC.
  • In 1994's highly competitive building market, JoAnne Loftus was recognized as "Builder of the Year" by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. JoAnne has also accumulated numerous other national and regional awards for her distinctive, practical yet stylish home designs.

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