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Top 12 Most Luxurious Custom Made Home Theaters

Top 12 Most Luxurious Custom Made Home Theaters

If you have always dreamed of a customized, ultra high-tech, inviting and luxurious home theater, here is a treat for your eyes. There is a fine line between home theater and design marvel. We have seen some truly incredible home theater setups in the past, and today we are here with a list of the 12 most luxurious home theaters. Watching movies takes on a whole new level in these luxurious home theaters. Let’s not waste any time and take a look at these magnificent and lavish home theater setups...

12) Pirate-themed Home Theater

What happens when a hardcore Pirates of the Caribbean fan visits Disneyland? He goes home and builds a home theater just like a movie set from Pirates of the Caribbean. That is exactly what Paul Konold has done; he converted his home theater into an all new experience room. The home theater has its arched walls painted with murals from the Disney "Pirates" experience. The entire project is a DIY, with Paul spending about $30,000 to make it a resounding success.

11) Titanic home theater

A Tennessee couple docked a Titanic replica in their high-end home theater. The 20-by-14-foot theater comes equipped with a custom-made 120-inch screen and Tru Audio surround-sound speakers entrenched in the room’s pillars and ceiling. The ceiling is actually a flamboyant dome that flaunts 1,230 fiber optic light strands to enrich you with a night-sky-like experience.

10) Indiana Jones-themed home theater

A small number of torches, an idol and a little technology helped turn this Indiana Jones-themed room into theater quality. Although the setup doesn’t tout very impressive AV gear, it does feature the Nazi-loving monkey from the original Raiders of the Lost Ark, a gold idol, a 1/2 scale ark from Raiders, and replicas from Last Crusade, such as the Grail, and a set including an Indy-ish jacket, hat, whip and torches. The A/V equipment includes Lutron’s Grafik Eye system for theater lighting. It has a big screen, NEC’s HT1000 projector and custom painting. Prop replicas from the Indiana Jones movies are there throughout this modded home theater.

9) Cyberdyne Cinema home theater

Here comes a Terminator-inspired home theater setup dubbed Cyberdyne Cinema. Darren Mortenson, the fellow behind the incredible theater setup, has designed it to look like a sci-fi set, which features variety of pieces from both sci-fi and horror film genres. Most of the equipment is placed on glass shelving within the recessed A/V shelving at the front of the theater, which gets obscured when the gargantuan 159-inch Da-Lite screen is activated. Other than the Terminator connection, the room also features a life-sized Darth Vader, letters from Viggo Mortensen (Aragon from the The Lord of the Rings trilogy), and other memorabilia.

8) Italian-styled Golden home theatre

This Italian-styled Golden home theater was commissioned by Kim Banducci and custom installed by Future Home of Los Angeles, California. Banducci, without any prior knowledge of interior designing, planned all of her home’s interiors from top to bottom. Attention has been given to every single detail of this elegant private screening room outside of Los Angeles. She reincarnated the memories of her Italian honeymoon, grand villas and duomos while designing the ceiling of bronze, brown, taupe and gold. The looks of the custom theater are so simplistic with its monochromatic color palette and minimalist add-ons. No word on how much money was put into the whole project, but the upshot is really a classic.

7) Star Trek Home Theater

Fantastic details and designs! This anonymous owner seems to be one big sci-fi buff. The owners originally thought of having a traditional home theater, but when Jay Miller, president of Acoustic Innovations, noticed that their client was a collector of vintage video games, he came up with one neat idea. The upshot was a theater, bar and ready room, measuring a total of 70-by-22 feet. Jeff Hoover, dream maker and president of Audio Advisors, said that the sci-fi theater has motion-activated air-lock doors with series sound effects, and a Red Alert button on the Crestron TPMC-10 controller.

6) Batcave Theater

This is for the Batman fans. The client in the case of the Batcave Home Theater was a retired naturalist. The Batcave theater features 8 motorized black leather recliner, Stewart Filmscreen 110" Electriscreen, Sony G90 Projector, Pioneer DV79 DVD Player, Crestron STX-1700 Control System, Crestron STX-1700 Control System, and a horde of other high-tech equipment.

5) Nautilus home theater

The Nautilus home theater was created to bear a resemblance to the interior of the submarine of the same name from Jules Verne's classic novel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea." To avoid simply copying from the 1954 Disney adaptation, Dallas-based architect Michael Malone worked himself on Verne's original vision of Victorian opulence. Working in tandem with custom integration specialist Audio by Design, the Nautilus Theater is fully automated using a custom AMX control system.

4) Five-in-One home theater

This one is a state-of-the-art home theater built by builder Aaron Vitale of Vital Building & Enterprises in his own home. The striking feature is a 35-by-45-foot theater space that rocks a large 144-inch Draper screen that fetches video from a high-definition Sharp projector capable of 720p and 1080i resolution. Two Paradigm Signature S8 tower speakers and two Paradigm 15-inch subwoofers can be spotted behind the fabric grilles and to the sides of plasma screens. Interestingly, there is not a rack of power amplifiers, but just one B&K AVR507 S2 audio/video receiver that pumps out 150 watts per channel. The cost of all this flawless gadgetry is nearly $100,000.

3) Goldmund’s million-dollar high-tech home theater

A Goldmund home theater is not about gold and crystals, but craftsmanship. Their equipment shares simplistic European styling. Let’s take a look at what Mark Rosen’s ultra-luxe home theater is composed of. His luxe system includes a Mimesis 24 Universal Preamplifier, Eidos 36D Universal Player, four Telos 2500 Universal Mono Amplifier, Epilogue 1 Satellite Speaker Pair, Epilogue 2 Woofer Section Pair, Epilogue 1&2 Frame Assembly, Logos 1 Active Speaker Pair, Logos Foot Stand Pair, Goldmund Speaker Cable(x4), Goldmund Power Cords(x8), and Lineal Digital Audio Cable (x7). The total system cost arrives at a whopping $497,093. All of Goldmund’s ingeniously engineered audio components are made in Geneva labs.

2) In-house Cinema

The gaudy setup at a house in Austin, Texas, touts 24-karat gold gilding details, hand embroidered fabric seats and genuine antique candle holders. The magnificent CAT/MBX speaker system hides behind fabric grilles chosen to pass sound well and to complement the decor. They have used the Crestron touchscreen to bring down the lights and fire up the home theater system. The theater hosts an amazing set of 24 12-inch subwoofers. The main equipment cabinet is concealed behind a set of curtains in the back right corner and stores the brains of the home theater system - the multi-room audio system, and the home automation system-five racks of gear. The cost of all this unblemished gadgetry sits at a cool $3.4 million.

1) $6 Million Home Theater from Jeremy Kipnis

The music engineer, producer, classical music lover and now the creator of a gigantic home theater system, Jeremy Kipnis sure knows his entertainment. His latest home entertainment offering is not only filthy posh, it’s actually quite a bargain for $6 million. The list of key components is so long that it gets hard to describe each and every one. In short, the Jeremy Kipnis’ home theater looks to be the Big Daddy of custom home theater setups.

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