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The Big Move-Nick & Michelle's Big Canadian Adventure


Have you ever wondered what are the steps to building a home?  One of our customer couples have been keeping track through a blog entitled, "The Big Move". We are going to share some of the blog with you, and then direct you to a link where you'll be able to follow them. They purchased Archival Designs' luxury home plan, Longleat. Welcome to Nick and Michelle’s big Canadian adventure. This is the tale of our “Big Move” from Chippenham in the UK to Tatamagouche Nova Scotia. Follow this blog to see how we survive the culture shock of moving from the hectic UK to a rural Nova Scotian village.

While their blog shares many events in their lives, following the "House Build" link will target only those blogs. There are plenty of photos and slide shows showing the work performed.  Here is an excerpt from Days 138-142: This week it was painting, painting and more painting.  There was still some undercoating to do on the second floor but the main floor was ready to take the top coat.  The main colour went on in the great room first as the fireplace needed to go in.  Our choice for the main colour in the house was ‘vanilla ice cream’  And no – it isn’t magnolia….. The fireplace, which looks amazing, went in over 3 days.  We chose a light coloured natural stone to help keep the room looking light and modern.  We think that it has worked out really well.  The fireplace team did a great job. In between the coats of paint going on the walls, our builders also managed to lay the tiles in the bathroom upstairs. In the gallery you will see a couple of pictures of the ice coming from the drainpipes.  It warmed up slightly and so all of the snow melted and was running off the roof, but then the temperature dropped and we were left with ice….. So, follow the link, sign into their guestbook and watch the build! I have posted the first, second and basement floor plans for Longleat below.

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