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Room-by-Room Organization Tips

Room-by-Room Organization Tips

In the Bathroom


Clever & Compact

For bathrooms that are a tight squeeze, consider a flip-down shelf with hiddenstorage behind it. The shelf in this tiny bathroom folds out from the wall to be within reach of the vanity. In the wall niche, a makeup mirror turns the shelf into a full-fledged vanity, creating a bathroom that can now accommodate two. As a bonus, the shelf is topped with quartz, a heat-resistant and easy-to-clean surface.

Be Aggressive

The secret to organizing a bathroom is to be diligent and ruthless about getting rid of what you don't need. "The bathroom is probably the key place where we rummage through stuff that we hardly or never use to get to the stuff that we use every day," says Christopher Lowell, author of Christopher Lowell's Seven Layers of Organization.

In the Kitchen



Swing-Out Storage

A clever option for those cavernous corner shelves, swing-out shelves make storage easy. Rails on the shelves keep items from falling off, and the tiers of shelves accommodate a pantry's worth of dry goods. Plus, the swing-out function brings every item front and center.

Clear Countertops

Countertops should hold only things you use on a daily basis. Enjoy peace of mind by creating a permanent spot for everything else, including appliances. Place small appliances deep within a corner niche or behind an appliance garage to maximize counter space.

Corral Personal Items

To prevent the room from becoming a dumping ground, try this rule: By dinnertime, the kitchen must be clear of personal items.

In the Living Room


Task-It Baskets

Unlike a kitchen or mudroom, living rooms -- designated for relaxing and conversing -- often encompass more form than function. But even these livable spaces are required to have a little storage. Utilize large baskets or decorative bins to conceal blankets, toys, or media. If your front door opens directly into the living room, set up a console tablewith baskets tucked beneath for storing outerwear accessories, umbrellas, dog leashes, and more.

In the Bedroom



DIY "Built-In" Storage

Create a bed alcove filled with storage that mimics the look of a built-in. Here's how: -- Assemble the bookcases according to instructions. -- Arrange the bookcases on the floor with one on top, shelves facing out, and the other two at either end of the top unit, with the shelves facing each other and solid sides facing out. -- Connect the bookcases using metal mending plates on the top corners and back where the pieces meet. Attach the finished unit to the wall using the manufacturer's brackets that come with the bookcases. -- Mount the sconces by drilling holes in the solid side panels of the bookcases. Thread the wiring through the holes and attach the sconces as directed.

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