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Materials, Materials, Materials


Throughout the course of building your new home you will encounter many decisions. One major question that will appear in every phase of building your home is: What materials are we going to use? The type of materials you select for your new home can make or break the total aesthetic of your house. Choosing lower quality materials may reduce your upfront cost, but can lead to complications later down the line.

Spending a great deal on the highest quality materials will increase your cost to build drastically. Learning about different levels of quality in building materials will make this journey a pleasant one, and will ensure you choose  excellent materials for your surroundings and budget.

The NAHB shows us some materials options that prove to be helpful and great picks for many different regions. Using recycled glass, or concrete as kitchen and bathroom counter tops can be an affordable and creative venture. Recycled glass is available in an array of colors and patterns. This material is more durable than granite, and environmentally friendly.

Using concrete can add a modern and industrial flare to your kitchen or bathroom. Concrete is extremely long-lasting scratch and heat resistant, and non-porous when regularly sealed making it easy to clean and sanitize. The costs of both of these materials vary with color and size, but are affordable options compared to granite.

The materials for the exterior of your home are just as important. Here are some great ideas for materials that are innovative and durable Horizontal Siding: The most traditional choice is horizontal siding.  Horizontal siding is exceptionally durable, and is available in plenty of colors and textures. This selection is very affordable with prices ranging from $3-$5 per square foot.

The Tres Le Fleur house plan is a great example showing the use of horizontal siding. The clean and elegant style complements the traditional structure of this house perfectly.

Fiber-Cement Panels: Using large 4 foot by 8 foot fiber-cement panels to stack and joist all around the exterior of the house gives it an uniformed look to the outside of modern house plan.

The Montpellier house plan boasts a clean modern design perfect for the fiber-cement panel exterior. The contemporary structure and fiber-cement panels are a great pair to create that modern feel.

Stucco: This versatile material can complement many house structures. There is natural stucco that has the ability to breath, or let air and moisture pass through its pores. There is also synthetic stucco that needs a vapor barrier to allow moisture and air, both types are excellent choices for the exterior of your house. Even though stucco goes well with any house structure, it greatly complements Spanish inspired homes.

Our Villa Royale house plan would look immaculate with either synthetic or natural stucco. Brick: Known for is durability and low maintenance, brick is an excellent material choice. Varying in size, texture, and color, brick can complement countless house structures.

Our Stone Pond house exemplifies the versatility of brick . It enhances the structure of the house and gives the home a unique appearance.  Visit Houzz  to read more about popular exterior materials We invite you to come visit Archival Designs to discover your dream home design!

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