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How Many Subcontractors Are Needed?

How Many Subcontractors Are Needed?

When building a new home, you will come to realize that there are many different counterparts to make your dream come true. Starting off, you will need to find a reliable Builder, also known as a Contractor, to oversee and provide materials and labor to perform the job. A great deal of builders will delegate certain jobs to other companies, or subcontractors. This process may make you wonder how many subcontractors are actually needed during construction.

The type and quantity of subcontractors your builder will need to employ depends on several different factors. One major factor is availability. As the housing market improves a shortage of subcontractors may become apparent. A proficient builder will set a timeline for subcontractors to ensure the appropriate companies are hired during the correct phase of construction.

Your builder’s specialty is another factor. For example, if your builder's specialty is masonry or foundation work, they will not need to hire an outside company to do the job. This is a great advantage and will keep the cost to build down, since there will be one less counterpart to pay.

NAHB Statistics

On average, more than 2/3 of the builders in the United States will generally subcontract about 75% of the construction job of a new home. According to the NAHB, that 75% is close to 22 subcontractors for a job.

On average, Builders will use 22 subcontractors for a job.

On average, Builders will use 22 subcontractors for a job. There is an array of jobs needed to complete a new home, some jobs are  more likely to be subcontracted out than others. For instance, 94% of builders will subcontract out foundation work while only 75% will subcontract out putting on interior doors.

Many builders will subcontract out different kinds of jobs

Building houses that have simple floor plans and that are under 3000 sq. ft. are less likely to call for an abundance of subcontractors, and will result in a faster building time. The Tilly house plan features a lakefront "boxy" floor plan that boasts a striking curb appeal without intricate details.  This 2,355 sq. ft. home will be a cinch to build. The Tilly’s versatile architecture allows you to the use of a variety of material combinations to fit your personal taste.

The Tilly house is 2,355 sq. ft. with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

If you’re building on a lakefront lot, or in the mountains, the Da Diva house plan is the perfect plan for you!  This affordable house features a spacious chef’s kitchen and luxurious master suite.  Additionally,  a bonus room above the garage for future expansion.

This is the Da Diva house plan under construction. 8/15/2015

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