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How Long to Build My Home?


Building your dream home can be exciting and fun, but the main question on everyone's mind is : How long will this actually take? According to The National Association of Home Builders, there are several different factors that you have to consider when building a custom home.

Region of Building

The location or state of the home is a major factor. Certain areas of the country have different regulations and codes to uphold, not to mention the amount of building space the region has. For example, building in Utah can take approximately 6 months, while in New York it could take more than 9 months to complete a project. Houses that  build faster are usually under 2500 square feet, and have a more simplistic or "boxy" floor plan. These house plans exhibit some factors that allow the build to be a little quicker:

The Laurel

Dalmany House Plan - Ranch - 1st Floor

An uncontrollable factor  is the shortage in labor. This will unsurprisingly delay construction mainly if construction in your area is booming. Another factor is whether you are building a custom home or buying within a subdivision. Large Track Builders have a team of sub-contractors at their disposal. On the other hand, a custom builder is responsible for hiring all sub-contractors.

Here is the National Association of Home builders blog link to see this information in depth!


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