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Going green with your new house plan

What does it mean to build green? That is a question asked all too often these days. We are all aware of the global, environmental changes going on in our world today, but when asking the question "what is green', it may return different answers depending on who you ask. Depending on where you live, your new home plan will have to meet different qualifying criteria to be green certified. This article was not meant to be a guide to the various methods and programs available to receive green certification. This was meant to serve as a starting point for those out there who have questions and are not sure where to start when it comes to going green with your new house plan. Use the links in this article to learn more about the available certification programs available in your area. And of course ask plenty of questions and discuss all topics with your qualified green builder. Officially there are no national guidelines or standards set as of yet. However, there are many programs at the state and regional level that have implemented minimum standards The NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) has implemented a set of national guidelines and the U.S. Green Building Council is in the process of instituting a residential version of its highly successful commercial building program, LEED. Please visit to look at our over 400 luxury house plans which are modifiable to become green certified!

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  • Joanne Loftus
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