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Going Green in Ohio - Part II - The Log Cabin & Stained Glass

Going Green in Ohio - Part II - The Log Cabin & Stained Glass

Last Thursday I shared Cheryl and Jim's straw bale gardening and their wind turbine.  As a follow up, they informed me they will be participating in this year's 2012 Green Energy Ohio Tour next week. Congratulations!

Jim built his cozy log cabin in 2001, and Lok-N-Logs was the supplier.  He told me, "The original design was the Sierra and we adapted it to exactly what we wanted and needed. The fella who helped rough in the house eventually started his own company ten years ago and uses our house as a model home once in awhile, which is always a blast for us because we turn it into a party! There were about 50 couples at the last one, and we had steaks, sangria, the whole enchilada! It took us nine months to complete, but are always upgrading and changing it. It's the love of our life and we haven't had one bad day living here."

While Jerry tends to constantly upgrading the house, Cheryl stays busy designing and assembling stained glass windows. She  explains, "The first window is 69 inches at the base and 41 inches high and is in the living area. I titled the pattern 'Evolution' but enjoy hearing what others see in it. I just finished it and Jerry & his friend Ken installed it  (about 30 feet high.)"

The other two pictures are of the window in the upstairs bedroom which is 52 inches at the base, made by Cheryl about two years ago.


Cheryl added, "The windows in the kitchen cabinet wall section are stained glass with lots of bevels and catch the ambient light so beautifully. I also made the knobs for the cabinets in my kiln."


It was so much fun to stumble across such an interesting homestead and share it with you. Thank you to Cheryl and Jim for all the useful information. We would love to get stories from others of you to share in our blog!

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