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Flea Market Chic Finds for Home Accent

Flea Market Chic Finds for Home Accent

Architectural Look

Pediments that once graced the facades of stately homes might not have a place on your home's exterior, but they can make quite the statement inside your home. Hang an old pediment as wall art, or turn it in to something functional, such as a coatrack. Install hooks on the piece and hang it in an entryway or mudroom.

Dress It Up

Tuck an old dressmaker's form into a bedroom corner as a sculpturelike addition to the room. For extra pizzazz, drape vintage necklaces around the form's neck.

By the Book

While antique books often have beautiful spines, their covers can be just as intriguing. Layer books on a shelf with their covers facing out. Mix and match the orientation of the books, leaving some with their spines facing out for a dynamic display.

Geography Lesson

Maps are seeing the spotlight right now. Jump on the trend with a collection of framed smaller maps, or go all out with a framed oversize map.

Trophy Winner

Scour antiques stores for old trophies and use the shapely prizes as a winning display on a tabletop, shelf, or even grouped as a centerpiece. The taller trophies work well as flower vases, too.

Travel and Rest

Find new function in flea market finds. Use an old suitcase perched on a table base as a nightstand. Or add casters to old wooden boxes for movable storage. Look for boxes that are shallow enough to fit beneath your bed, add wheels, and you have hidden, yet easily accessible, storage.

Mirror, Mirror

Facing an empty wall? Fill it with flea market finds to create a delightful display filled with vintage character. Here, a trio of different sizes of mirrors draws attention to an antique dresser that's been repurposed for use as a console table. Although they're different in size, the three mirrors feature similar gold frames, which keeps the display from looking haphazard.

Sleep Easy

Give classic pieces your own twist for a fresh take on vintage. The modern silver finish on this metal bed frame instantly updates a traditional piece. For an on-a-dime alternative, buy a secondhand frame and spray-paint it silver.

Work of Art

Turn an eclectic mix of art into a single standout feature by sticking to a simple color palette. Here, the interplay among art, plates, and mirrors gives a plain wall plenty of personality.

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