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DIY Fall Accents That Wow!

DIY Fall Accents That Wow!

Fill your home with fall to last all season with these quick and easy nature-inspired decorating ideas.

Color Blocking

Arrange branches of fall leaves by hue to establish a color-blocking effect. Place one color of leaves so they land on one side of the vase and another color so that they fall to the other side of the vase.

Luxe Pumpkins

Bring a little sparkle to natural fall decor. Coat light-color pumpkins with iridescent spray paint, and while the paint is wet, sprinkle iridescent glitter over the pumpkin.

Nut Wreath

Branch out from the standard round wreath and try a different shape on your front door. Hot-glue unshelled nuts to a picture frame, leaving a spot at the top for a ribbon. Wrap a coordinating ribbon around the top in a loop to create the wreath hanger.

Fall Display

Capture fall inside a bell jar set atop a shallow terra-cotta bulb dish. Line the dish with moss, add a few small gourds and branches of leaves, and top with a bell jar. You can also use a terrarium or even a glass cake cover to create this look. For added effect, arrange a few objects around the base of the dish.

Filled Up

Layering and incorporating various elements are key to an eye-catching fall display. To create this look, fill vases partway with nuts. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit inside the vase and arrange shocks of wheat or other branches in the vase.

Go Wild

For an organic look straight out of nature, be a little eclectic in your fall display and arrangements. Gather a variety of flowers, stems, fillers, and twigs and arrange at random. Use a rustic or vintage-looking vessel, such as a galvanized bucket, to complete the look.

Creative Fall Vases

Turn gourds into interesting vases and display them on a mantel. Hollow out hard-shell gourds to create vases you can use again and again. Cut off the tops and clean out the insides, then fill with flowers. Dress them up by painting a border around the base. Pair the vases with exotic flowers for an unexpected twist.

Pumpkin Delight

Get crafty with your extra pumpkins and embellish them with leaves for a colorful addition to your fall decorating. Or skip pumpkin carving altogether, and decorate your pumpkins with paper designs. Cut out leaves using colored paper that complements the hue of your pumpkin. Use decoupage to attach the paper to the pumpkins.

Miniature Design

Enjoy the fleeting days of fall long after the final leaves have fallen and the ground has frozen with autumn-inspired terrariums. Fill glass apothecary jars with tiny gourds and plant life to create a mini ecosystem. Place the terrarium in a spot that gets natural sunlight. For the best results, remove gourds and plants from jars at the end of your gathering and add water. placer

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