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Cape Cod House Plan | Let The World Admire Your Cape Cod Home

Cape Cod House Plan | Let The World Admire Your Cape Cod Home
Want the breezy feel of the shores to echo inside your home? Want the coolness of the Cape Cod weather to mingle with the space décor? Combine light fabrics with bright pastel colored furnishings to transform your interiors into the perfect Cape Cod cottage.

Cape Cod House Plans - A Little Bit Of Info

The early American settlers built houses those were inspired by British style in the New England coastal region. Those one and a half storey villas were characterized by symmetrical designs, steep gabled roofs and a narrow staircase leading to the attic. The houses had large windows to let in natural light and make a perfect Cape Cod house plan.

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Bedroom In A Cape Cod House Plan

It is always a good idea to use light cool tones for the walls of your bedroom, as they speak of the coolness of the seas like nothing else. Get a vintage bed in dark colored wood as a contrast to the lighter shades of the walls. The bedspread should have light floral patterns, while light transparent fabric can be used for the curtains. Place a turquoise colored glass jar with white sand and seashells on a wooden table nearby. Lie down on the downy pillows and watch out the window at the expanse of the cool blue.

Cape Cod Living Room

Wooden tables and cupboards painted with warm hues bring out a rustic attitude that goes really well with the Cape Cod house décor. Decorate side tables with driftwood and copper lanterns to marry vintage with marine. A ceramic jar with little white flowers could add a cheerful grace to the space. Throw a cushion with a coral appliqué on an armchair at one corner of the room. Keep a wicker basket at its foot for holding magazines and knickknacks. Now sit back and enjoy the sunny afternoon!

Kitchen In Cape Cod Home

To cook your meal in true Cape Cod style, give the kitchen a coastal appeal while also incorporating vintage elements into it. Use variation of the same color to make the area look neat and organized. Paint the cabinets light grey and the worktop a few shades darker. Pans and containers in copper or brass will give just the right amount of traditional touch, while a potted plant placed at the window will complete the kitchen charisma.

Washroom In A Cape Cod Home Plan

A huge vintage white tub in a tan or beige setting will make your washroom the place you’d fall in love with. Paint the cabinets white and get a pastel shade for the floor tiles. Use a lot of natural stones and corals inside the washroom, hang a couple of cute lanterns and dramatize with bright orange flowers. But remember not to stack the area with too many artifacts. Keep it simple and pretty! Find more architectural styles and your sutitable house plan now: Click Here

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