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Best Home (Office) Accessories

The look and feel inside your office speaks volumes about your professional achievements, here’s how to best show off what you’ve done.

What makes a house a home? Family? Friends? Décor? Probably all three. But one thing is for sure, the small personal touches you put in your living space says a lot about who you are.

A house isn't really a home until you fill it. To that end, we've assembled a list of the finest in luxury home furnishings, from high-end furniture brands...
  • Fine English Company
Fine English Furniture evokes words such as quality, timeless, classic, elegant, distinctive and exquisite. The unique aspect of English country homes and lifestyles is that they encompass many generations of influence, taste and styles so overlaying the desires of the current owner with ties to tradition and previous influences. The Fine English Company identifies all of these qualities as being important in distinguishing they are different and yet use modern materials and technology to ensure they make furniture that is a both contemporary but will be enjoyed by future generations.
  • Domestic Furniture
Originally founded in San Diego in 1986, Domestic Furniture has catapulted into an amazing collection of fine home pieces, directed under the design of Roy McMakin. The unreal, almost childish, yet aesthetically pleasing designs bring a whole new language to furniture design. Although wood dominates Roy's designs, it is the flawless execution of minimalistic details that enchant each piece, and make them truly unique. Whether it is painting a lonely door lime green, or creating a plethora of bright chairs to brighten up a dull room, everything is in the span of Domestic.
  • Schulte Design
Only 20 years ago, the possibility to use a wireless telephone was a sensation. Today it's a sensation to have an open fire without need for flue or hard connection at every spot in your room. "Schultes Feuermöbel" creates warmth and ambience in the center of your home. With Schulte Design you achieve an individual furnishing, since any size can be made to suit your individual requirements. Made in Germany, Schulte Design is not only innovative, but of the utmost quality.
  • Furniture of Se
Based in London, Sé is the brainchild of furniture expert Pavlo Schtakleff, whose vision for Sé is to marry the best designers with the finest makers in Europe, and to create design that is both sumptuous and technically peerless. Sé pushes forward in the field of technology and materials, to infuse the classical language of its furniture collections with a spirit of innovation. Conquering new materials and processes, as well as revitalizing fine handiwork from a personally-sourced network of quality-assured European craftspeople, are all essential elements. As well as expressing the ultimate in furniture quality, Sé will introduce pieces that are startling as well as alluring, but never predictable.
  • Freshwest
When two men with a resume that include first class honors in fine art from Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Brighton, come together...quite the dynamic duo is formed. With a passion for creating extreme contemporary furniture, and a flare for understanding the importance of exclusive collectibles, this team of innovators has come together to form a series of pieces that are commended as the next Herman Miller favorites. Although the "You are here" coffee table tantalizes our senses, it's the ingenious look of the "Inside-out Drinks Cabinet" that captures our hearts.
  • Emeco
Emeco pieces are covered by warranty for 500 years. They have been commissioned by the military and used by contemporary designers worldwide. Emeco chairs are timeless, classic and exude extravagant yet simplistic taste. Built individually by a handful of craftsmen, 77 painstaking steps at a time, the enduring Emeco Classics are a must for any style conscious home, and have the rare ability to add contemporary warmth to a space while using aluminum.
  • Noguchi Tables
Following his apprenticeship with the legendary Constantin Brancusi, sculptor Isamu Noguchi began to experiment in environmental design, theatrical sets and later, product design. The Noguchi Table conceals nothing; revealing everything about the nature of simplicity. Two simple, smoothly shaped pieces interlock to form a tripod that supports a .75" thick slab of transparent glass. Practical and beautiful, the Noguchi Table will uphold a variety of objects in a professional reception area or the home. Choose From More Than 400 House Designs and House Plans We offer house designs in a wide range of styles and sizes. Some of our more popular house designs include European-inspired Georgian and Palladian homes, English Manor house plans, Tuscan-style Italian villas, French chateaux, and Colonial house plans. Our Tuscan-style villas range from 1800 sf to 13,600 sf. Our Newport Classics house designs are gentrified New England-style cottages that range from 1500 to 5000 square feet. Our starter castles, mansions and estate homes are designed in the grand tradition of some of the most impressive homes in the world. Please feel free to search our house designs or browse our photo gallery to get a sense of the many styles and types of house designs we offer.

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