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2016 Design Trends from the Best in American Living Awards

2016 Design Trends from the Best in American Living Awards

A record breaking 117 single-family, multifamily, remodeling, and  community projects were celebrated at the 2015 Best in American Living Awards (BALA) held in Las Vegas during the 2016 International Builders' Show.  Winners of these honorable awards set the precedence for the design trends home buyers will enjoy over the next few years. According to Heather McCune, co-chair of the Best in American Living Awards Subcommittee and director of marketing at Bassenian | Lagoni, "BALA continues to be a snapshot and a directional for the way forward in home building and design.  Something in each year's winners will help you do your next project better - no matter who you are. That's the power of a program like BALA." Ready to see what top trends are up-and-coming for 2016? Let's jump right in!

Intimate Outdoor Spaces

The days of solely entertaining indoors is a thing of the past.  The idea of creating outdoor living spaces for small gatherings or daily family activities has risen to the top of home buyer's wishlists.   These spaces will feature cozy fireplaces, intimate seating arrangements, and stunning views.

Indoor-Outdoor Convergence

Along with the desire to create intimate spaces, home buyers yearn for the ability to seamlessly blend interior and exterior spaces with ease.  To illustrate, modern families often enjoy weekday dinners or game night in their thoughtfully designed living spaces.  Floor-to-ceiling retractable glass walls and screens offer flexibility and blend the spaces physically and visually.

Copper Bathtubs

Bathrooms are some of the smallest spaces in the home, but demand some of the most attention to detail.  Bathrooms are an extension of daily living space and provide areas for relaxation and energizing.  Copper bathtubs are popular in both modern and traditional homes.  They often serve as a functional "piece of artwork" in a space that may have formally been neglected.

White with Exotic or Repurposed Wood Accents

The contrast of bright, airy white finished against the natural finish of wood creates the perfect balance between modern and traditional.

Da Diva House | Archival Designs Luxury House Plans

Intricate Stairways

Stairways are becoming more prominent and an important extension of the architectural style of the home.  As a result, custom wrought iron railings, unique stair shapes, and  intricate tile work will make the stairway a conversation piece.

Lochinvar House Plans | Archival Designs Luxury House Plans

Waterfall Islands

Waterfall islands have been a popular trend for years, and it looks like they're here to stay.    Over-sized islands provide space in the kitchen for cooking, eating, and family activities in a clean, modern line design.

Clarita House Plan | Archival Designs Luxury House Plans

Trends come and go, but many of these features are here to stay for years to come.  Which of these trends do you plan on adding to your new home design?

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