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10 Most Extravagant Christmas Gifts for 2012


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All we’re hearing about these days is austerity measures and tightening our belts. It’s all getting a little bit dull. There are still a lot of ridiculously wealthy people around the globe that have more disposable income than most English counties. Their Christmas stockings must be out of this world. So what are the craziest gifts that are actually being offered for sale for this year?

10. Ludicrously Expensive Car

Why not pre-order your very own 2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider, a snip at $302,830? The black leather interior contrasts with ‘volcano’ red. This sort of present is slightly difficult to gift-wrap, of course and it’ll be a bit of a giveaway under the tree.

9. Piaget’s Emperador Temple Watch

One of the most expensive watches ever made, this has 481 brilliant-cut diamonds and 207 baguette diamonds and a large emerald cut diamond on the centre. This work of art will set you back $3.3million.

8. Luxury Hen House

A lot of people are keeping chickens these days, as a way of getting free eggs. For the hens living in this $100,000 (yes, really) hen house, life will be more than a backyard, worms and potato peelings. They get a chandelier in this luxury walk-in hen house which is modelled on the Palace of Versailles.

7. 3D Printer

What to get the child who has everything? A 3D printer to make them more of everything! Limited only to the boundaries of their imagination, this printer will make anything out of thermoplastic. What could go wrong? At £6,660 this model is what every home will have in the future. We’re sure.

6. Hasselblad Lunar

At $6,500 you’d expect the specifications for this camera to be mind-blowing, but it’s all pretty standard for a camera – 3” display, HD video recording, 24.3MP APS-C sensor. What sets this camera apart from others on the market..? The materials – carbon fibre, wood, titanium, leather and gold.

5. Shipwrecked Champagne

Shipwrecked 1907 Heidseick is considered to be the holy grail of all Champagnes, clocking in at a whopping $275,000 per bottle of champagne. Aside from the history of the bottle of champagne, which was discovered on 1997 under the bottom of the sea perfectly preserved which adds to its appeal, the 200 bottles are the only remaining pieces of the said brand, making it extremely rare

4. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Black diamonds, 18 carat gold and worth $1million. Sounds a bit run of the mill compared to a lot of the luxury mobile phones we’ve seen over the years. The difference with this one is the 200 year old African blackwood. Despite its gaudy name, it’s actually quite tasteful. Ish.

3. Really Expensive Reading

In 2000, Christie’s auctioned off a copy (one of only 119 known complete copies in the world) of Birds in America for $8,802,500. Ten years later, another complete first edition was sold at London at Sotheby’s for £7,321,250

2. Private Jet

At a whopping $59,000,000, the Gulfstream 550 is still the best private jet you can get. It can seat 12 passengers and has a range of 6,750 nautical miles, so you can actually get pretty far! Perhaps even as far as the top spot on our Top Ten Extravagant Christmas Gifts for 2012…

1. Buy an Island?

After Christmas surrounded by drunken workmates at the office party or screaming family members (hopefully the younger ones!) on Boxing Day, wouldn’t it be lovely to escape away to your own private island. Topping our extravagant list of gifts is Rangyai Island, Thailand. Yours, for a very reasonable $160m. As the island is only 110 acres, that works out at $1.5m an acre!

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